Replacing the Rear Speakers in Your Acura | 3G Acura TL DIY Rear Speaker Replacement

Replacing the Rear Speakers in Your Acura | 3G Acura TL DIY Rear Speaker Replacement

Replacing the rear speakers in your older Acura models from 2004 to 2011 is very similar across the board. Acura being the luxury branch of Honda uses advanced audio techniques in most of there models including adding factory amplifiers and subwoofers. Some also come with the option of navigation and rear entertainment.

While you may be satisfied with the overall performance of the system replacing the speakers can add the extra bass/treble/volume you are looking for. The amplified systems in Acura’s use 2ohm drivers and are normally rated for 20 watts. This makes finding a replacement a little tricky as most aftermarket speakers are 4 ohms, so grabbing a random pair of speakers from your local Walmart or auto parts store won’t do. There are various brands that will offer 2ohm speakers but in this demonstration we worked with the next best thing available and in budget for our customer.

We used infinity reference 3 ohm speakers that can be found here These speakers come with adapters that make the installation a lot easier. We also used speaker connectors to eliminate the need for any soldering or wire cutting. These connectors are universal across all Acura and Honda models. You can find those here.

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RobErt Gutierrez says:

How hard would it be to retrofit a 2012 tl sound system into a 2002 silverado by using all factory tl components

Pseudo’s Toxicity says:

This video did not have to be 30 mins long and he didn't show how to take the seats out

dominick lopez says:

This video was exactly what I needed to finish my Acura

Patrick Carrillo says:

A technique that I use for my cars It's more a function over form kind of thing is just use really big washers to hold the speaker in place That seems to do the trick At least for me cheap quick and easy

Duarte_Nation 477 says:

The Rear speaker are der 6×9 or 6.5

Bhyxy says:

What size speaker is in the rear

The Vester Family Vlogs says:

I retract my post made a big mistake in listening to an installer tell me that a 6.5 didn't fit into the acura tl rear. What was the problem you ask? found out today after almost buying 5 1/4 speakers that the skar tx brand 6.5 speakers have a bigger ridge around the speaker cone causing the speaker not to sit in flush. I literally had someone place an Alpine and Kicker 6.5 and the speaker fit properly. So I know the fronts will be another story with the bracket but I'm ready for the challenge or I will call mobilemaxcaraudio for help!

The Vester Family Vlogs says:

Just finished putting in the 5 channel amp kit from your shop. The sub needs a little more kick but overall the sound is great. Changed out the 6.5 with the subwoofer in the rear. Already got the front speakers on the way. The hardest part was taking out those damn seat screws under the headrest. The clips are scary too. Thought I broke all of them from the sound. But in the $300's cannot complain and this doesn't clutter up the trunk area.

pedro castillo says:

Do you know if these speakers will work for replacing the front door speakers?…..will the speaker harness work on the door speakers also?

Melo Banx 93 says:

Just got my 3g TL will do a full system upgrade soon. Hoping to see more videos soon !

IND4GR0V3 says:

i took my front doors off my 3rd gen when i had one to run custom speaker wire lol

Eric Guerra says:

You're very knowledgeable and explain info !

M W says:

Can you do one on replacing the rear sub with a better 8” subwoofer?

Also do these speakers sound better? Or have better bass response?

Ultimately I’m looking for better sound and bass response, I’m not into the crazy sound systems with 12” subs lol, it’s my daily driver.

David Pham says:

Can you guys do a tutorial for the front speakers as well

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