Replace Broken Wheel Stud Lug on Honda Acura w/o Removing Axle – Easy Way (Acura TSX)

Replace Broken Wheel Stud Lug on Honda Acura w/o Removing Axle – Easy Way (Acura TSX)

How to replace a broken or stripped wheel stud/ lug stud on your Honda or Acura. This was filmed on an Acura TSX, but since most Acura’s and Honda’s are built similar it should be the same process. This workaround does not require removing the axle which is labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive.
Dremel tool:
Dremel metal cutting blade:
Wheel Studs (front & rear):

Dorman – Autograde M12-1.50 Serrated Wheel Stud – 12.37mm Knurl, 42mm Length
Dorman – Autograde M12-1.50 Serrated Wheel Stud – 12.22mm Knurl, 36mm Length



Brandon Thompson says:

So much bad info in this video. I hope you dont do major work on your car…

yeng vang says:

If I did this short cut at my work place I’ll lose my job

Michael Puente says:

Remove the wheel hub instead it should make the job easier.

John Doe says:

Yet it costs 345$ in a cheap shop on 2015 they are something else

Samnang So says:

Not proper but ok

Bon Thor says:

U should just take off the 2 17mm on the brake caliper braket instead of the 2 14mm on the caliper….don't need to take off the caliper…

Larry says:

You showed an easy, time saving, low cost way to replace a stud. Very excellent video.

Spetzzon says:

The thing is this cost about 3-10 $ instead of opening the locknut and be changing bearing. And like me, i dont have stuff for pressing a new bearing. which leads me to an "expensive" workshop. just for stud lug change.
If you have an older car, I would have done it like this. But if i had a newer car il maybe have left it at the workshop.

ChinaFukr69 Kack says:

Would it be easier to install the stud by removing the wheel hub?

John Fisher says:

Dude….you cut WAAAAYYY too much off of that stud

Ibrahim Hassan says:

$150?… try $400

Nnfefe says:

Poor engineering by Honda.

Juanes O. says:

Big thumbs up man!

Emrah Salo says:

nice! soon youll be realising ur wheel bearings in this hub is fucked up! beating n hummering hub assembly like this gives damege to ball bearings and its channels in hub.. You should remove the hub assembly and than remove those studs.. also cutting all this meat out from the new stud and hub is not safe..

Angel De La Cruz says:

Dude thanks.. doing this when I get!!!


This happened to my TSX a while ago. Gonna replace the whole wheel assembly with MOOG a part all around.

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