How to replace brake master cylinde on Acura tsx 2010

How to replace brake master cylinde on Acura tsx 2010

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Vileark Lohn says:

was yours hard to take off? mine is way too hard to come off

Tristan Brown says:

Thanks, bro. Changing my calipers and my master cylinder myself on Saturday. Your video is one of many I viewed to understand how to do it. I am not a mechanic. I do not have a mechanic background. Will let you know how it goes.
2011 Acura TSX V6
Also, good tip on the order of bleeding the brakes on this one. It's not the typical, "Start with the furthest away (RR) from the master cylinder", advice you hear from other videos.

RothBeyondTheGrave says:

The problem with this gen tsx is the vsa modulator, not master cylinder. Master cylinder is a common misdiagnosis. Vsa modulator which is married to the abs is SHIT on these cars & intermittently lets air into the system during sudden, hard braking or when braking over rough patches of road.
Problem will always come back if not done right. $2,200 part last I checked only available through Acura.

Sharon R says:

thank you my friend . before i cleaned the throttle body on my Honda accord i didn't have any code then after i cleaned it i got a code p507 higher than expected what do you think went wrong if did idle learning procedure will fix it . thank you .you talk about in your video but you didn't say how to to fix it thank you

Sharon R says:

hi how you doing good job we watch your video keep doing these videos .can you please make videos how to clean the carbon deposit inside the engine iam taking about valve and piston …

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