How To Replace A Crossmember or Subframe with Basic Tools Part 1

How To Replace A Crossmember or Subframe with Basic Tools Part 1

I have to admit, I thought this job would be quite difficult. The subframe (or crossmember) is quite large, there are a number of parts to remove and I’m working in a small 200 sq.ft. garage in the middle of winter. Surprisingly, it was quite straight forward and logical. Just take your time, label everything and you’ll be successful!

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Parts removed / steps on driver and passenger side:
– Both front wheels and tires
– Rotor screws; if applicable
– Lower caliper bolt and safely suspend the caliper
– Caliper bracket
– Rotor
– Axle nut
– Steering tie rod
– Upper and lower ball joint
– Steering knuckle
– Front exhaust pipe
– Lower strut mount
– Lower control arm
– – – Install support bar – – –
– Bolts holding steering rack to subframe
– Transmission shift cable
– Engine and transmission mounts
– – – – Place floor jack under subframe with a large piece of wood – – –
– Remove subframe bolts and brackets
– Remove subframe by slowly lowering the floor jack

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Any attempt to repair automotive parts and/or systems carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on vehicles. Such as, safety glasses, jack stands, no loose clothing, etc. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk.

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coppcar says:

Great video!! Brand and model of floor jack please?

rick hensen says:

Excellent video but can you cut the uneccessary overly loud music.

Anonymous Troll Demon says:

I have to tell you how impressed I am with this video. Great job with the lighting and camera angles, and I appreciate your thoroughness. Will be subscribing and sharing.

Ruu Rios says:

Hey man, i need to lower the subframe on the same car (CL9) to fit my header from my k20. It almost fits but the subframe is in the way. I was going to beat it with a hammer but I rather drop it. Is there an easier way?

Jean Magana says:

great video i have to replace rear crossmeber on my 08 rav4 you think i going to be able to do it in my garage with my regular tools

Tech Vaper says:

excellent video, could you tell me how I can get that tool that suspends the engine, or what is its name, thanks.

Steven Hoffman says:

I need a video on how to remove the cradle on a 06 rendezous. Can anyone help

Justice Earth says:

What are the bolts called that hold up the subframe? The bolts that are right next to the lower front control arm.

Tim Arend says:

Where can I get that engine support bar? I can’t find that one anywhere

Michael McLeary says:

Very informative and competent explanation. I have to replace the subframe on the wife's Nissan Note this week.

Do it yourself channel says:

On the rack. You just removed the 4 bolts that go to the subframe? And it's free?

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