How to install Scrape Armor on the Acura NSX, or any car!

How to install Scrape Armor on the Acura NSX, or any car!

Thanks to Scrape Armor for sending me the kit to DIY install their front bumper protector for my 2017 Acura NSX. This kit came with the scrape armor precision skid plate protectors, drill bit, silicone sealant and other items that made installation a breeze. Many car owners hesitate to install such a device on their cars because it requires drilling (in the case of my car). However, Scrape Armor also has products that use existing hardware under the bumper so that no drilling is required. Please check out for more information.

UPDATE: I’ve had the product on my Acura NSX now since April 2021 and it’s protected my front bumper many times, going in and out of my driveway as well as the service lane at the Acura dealership! It’s already paid for itself in the protection it provided over having the front urethane bumpers repainted or the front carbon fiber splitter replaced!

There are several steps specific to the 2017 and later 2nd generation Acura NSX that I cover in this video. Jacking the car, preparing the surface, laying out the scrape guards, drilling holes, etc. is all covered in a clear and concise manner. My goal was to help other car owners understand the entire process and show just how easy it is.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Unboxing
2:55 Instructions and Benefits
8:13 Dry Fit
9:32 Temporary Fitment
13:28 Drilling and Screwing
22:25 Applying Silicone
25:14 Shaping the Silicone
27:53 Finished Product

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Get your own bumper protection at

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Good install Pat Dazza from Melbourns

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Glad to see the i8 is still with you! Do you still intend to sell it? You should keep it. Best wishes, Tom

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More than likely made out of HDPP

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Pat is back! What a time to be alive, the whole gang is uploading again!!!

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That looks pretty awesome. I really wish it didn't require drilling, though.

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Looks like a great product! Might have to get one for the R8

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