How To install Air Suspension on a 2015 Acura TLX

How To install Air Suspension on a 2015 Acura TLX

Here we have a brand new 2015 Acura TLX, customer came in for a installation of the D2 Air suspension basic kit. here you’ll see the steps taken to complete the installation. enjoy.

parts list:
Viair 485C (Gen. 2) Stealth Black Air Compressor 200 PSi

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hpdagreat says:

He installs too my lawd

Strict Grind says:

Would you happen to remember what fuses you tapped into off the fuse box for the remote wire to turn on and off with the car so I don’t have to use a kill switch for management and compressor

Jonathan C. says:

You guys do installs ?

Diane Wilson says:

Yo have tlx 2018 aspec want to put the same in my car how much is that instalation for my car,

Most Dangerous says:

Tint your windows bro

garageguy2173 says:

How’s the ride feel? How much for an installation?

jay daygo says:

I notice that when guys like you all makes video most of the videos makes no sense because the most important thing you dnot show but you spend most off the time showin where to put the switch and tings like that when anyone can put switch where eva dem want

jay daygo says:

So why you nava put the type kit an how to go by buy a kit

Uranus Planet says:

its not BROWN its espresso

Lui Cortez says:

Just 2 nuts and a 17 bolt ?

Lui Cortez says:

How you take of the back shocks ?

Kenneth Myers says:

I have a 2017 TLX. I need this in my life.

WaVesOfKatrina says:

but will it work well in the winter cold weather??

Eg Yerr says:

Can u run the the power switch to the radio remote wire

Franklin Vargas says:

Fire how much it cost

yuggs says:

Shoes needed

Beaste Meauxde says:

How stiff / soft is the ride? Can you control the ride quality or is it just set the ride height and you bounce all over the place like them old 6-4's?

EJAY TV says:

How long did the installation took?

Mike cortese says:

Come drive up to the bronx with that and within a month your AIR suspension will be shot.

TheFuxxoWorksGarage says:

Hey! i was wondering if you can help me out, i have a D2 superprofessional airride kit on my E63 bmw, however i dont know how to initialize it, i have to set it up manually (the height) because when i use presets the car just hops along like its on hydraulics, like those lowriders.. 😐 thanks!

steven Kaibintech says:

great video!

VIET USA says:

when u smong check
Need take them out to smong check after pass put them back

eXampL says:

how much does it run for installation im planning on purchasing this exact air suspension from d2

ッΛCE says:

looks broken not fresh clean lol

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