How To Fix Power Steering Whining (Acura MDX)

How To Fix Power Steering Whining (Acura MDX)


Everyone, today I am sharing a tip for addressing a issue of which the power steering pump will develop a steering whine noise.This tip can be shared with many Acura’s and Honda vehicles.

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Ann Graham says:

2006 mdx that whines only when I am driving and turning the wheel. Louder when it's cold. Could the o rings cause this. Just changed the power steering line caused it was leaking.

Earl A. says:

Short and to the point.

Also, don't forget to check / clean out the reservoir screen if it's clogged.

Others would put fresh fluid as well or flush out the old dirty fluid.

Scroll down a bit for the tsb about this common problem with Honda Acura… I'm about to do this soon.

T Cham says:

Thank you for sharing . God bless

Leon Chan says:

Did you have to drain the power steering first?

Linwood Freeman says:

Real men dont where b** mitts FYI

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