How to Change Rear Brake Pads & Rotors: Acura TL/TSX/RL Honda Accord/Civic/CRV

How to Change Rear Brake Pads & Rotors: Acura TL/TSX/RL Honda Accord/Civic/CRV

Hello & welcome to RQ’s Garage! In today’s video, we will be changing the rear brake pads and rotors on an Acura TL. This job works for Acura TL, TSX, RL, MDX. Honda Accord, Civic, CRV, HRV, Oddysey.


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RQs Garage says:

MAJOR STEP DISCLAIMER: When performing this maintenance, make sure you clean the slider pins. The slider pins are located on the Brake Bracket. There should be 2 pins and they are inside the rubber shims, slide them off and clean them. Remove from the rubber housing, clean the old grease off with a paper towel, re-grease and reinstall. Make sure this in completed before attaching the bracket back onto the hub assembly.

R S says:

What a great video!!! You were very thorough but not overboard with explanations and just enough detail and info anyone can do a brake job. Excellent job.

Jose Luis Oros says:

Hi Rom,

It would be AWESOME if do “the ultimate E-Brake adjusting process on…” (very few realises how important It is)

So could also ADD lubricating sliding pins snd explain difference on inner and outer Pads and how affected your previous rotors and pads

Best Regards from Mexico City

Gshock714 says:

That's only parts wait til they tack on the Labor that's a 600-800 total job,they charged me 670 for my 05 Tundra..I paid 182 for the parts and did it myself for an hour labor,but good video overall

Jabcross1234 says:

The only thing I disagree with is the loctite and lubricant on the bolts I would use anti seize

Emiliano Caballero says:

Amazing video. Thank you!

Problemz says:

This is a awesome video thank you so much

Héctor Fernández says:

Muchas gracias

Akash Sharma says:

Great explanation video, however where did you buy those brakes and rotor from??

RedBud315 says:

Great video. For future reference It's actually called a parking brake and not an emergency brake or E-brake. I think the term emergency brake term came from it being the last measure to resort to when the brakes fail. And it's crazy how many people I see NOT use the parking brake when parked even when on hills let alone flat ground. Using the parking brake eliminates the tension on your driveline which includes transmission and u-joints when you are parked. Makes it easier to get out of park for auto trans and if you have a manual then you don't have to worry about the engine compression to keep the car from rolling.

Chris DC says:

Hey man, can we get the parts used as well and where you bought them? Thanks! A review of the parts as well. 🙂

EnVy says:

Superb Video helped me out a lot with my 04 TL, Thank you!

MrKrazybean says:

great video. thanks…

Bond 1908 says:

Awsome clarity video bro I have 2 tl.

F3arl3ss Countdowns says:

Is the thread loctite necessary?

y2k4 says:

Can you tell us the jack point when using a floor jack ? I notice you used planks of wood, is that necessary?

Manny Swanks says:

can you put links on where you bought the products I can’t seem to find rotors for 40.. links would be great thanks

The TSA Nation says:

You need more subscribers

Juno C. says:

what did you torque the bolts on the caliper bracket/housing to

Juno C. says:

what about the front lol

linguafranca7 says:

This video is very thorough and explanatory and really gives someone looking to take on any one of these jobs a high degree of confidence. You really explain the reasons why you are taking each small step. Thanks!!

Tracy Watts says:

Would this be the exact thing to do on a 2007 tl type s? Prob a stupid question but just making sure.

B W says:

Great video, very helpful. Cool music at the end!

Zeal Gaming says:

Is it necessary to bleed the brakes or open the brake reservoir??

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