Acura TSX | How to Replace Rear Wheel Bearings

Acura TSX | How to Replace Rear Wheel Bearings

In this video I show you how I replaced the rear wheel bearing on my 05 Acura TSX. The bearing comes attached to the wheel hub as an assembly. The ones I replaced were the original ones on the car, they lasted 140k mi and 15yrs. The cars rides smoother and I have less rolling noise coming from the rear of the car.

I had an issue with my torque wrench, I didn’t hear it click and ended up breaking the flange bolt in half and dropping my camera. I’m still not sure what went wrong but reliability with 3/8 torque wrenches is not as good as the 1/2 torque wrenches. Make sure you set the wrench back to between 0-5 ft lbs after every use, don’t unwind it below the 0. Ensure you turn the locking screw firmly each time you torque a nut or bolt!

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If you can’t find the rear wheel wheel bearings on Amazon, check

WJB WA512327 – Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly – Cross Reference: Timken HA590019 / Moog 512327 / SKF BR930607
MOOG 512327 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly
TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-80 ft.-lb.)
Stanley 3/8 Extendable Ratchet
Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome Socket set
TEKTON 4957 Impact Adapter and Reducer Set
Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands 1Pair 3-Ton
Stripped Screw Extractor

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Chris Campbell says:

Thanks bro great video saved me a couple hundred dollars. Thought the had to be pressed in like the older accords.

Mike Royal says:

Great instructions and to the point, no BS around, this is how it should be done no jaw jacking , straight to the point.

Lucas Leander says:

Great explanation and all the extras and info this was a really good diy video

oxyg3n520 says:

Was the wheel bearing really that easy to take off? I've seen videos of people pounding the crap out of a bearing for hours and failing to take them off which is putting me off from doing it myself.

kevin freeling says:

Wow man great video
Well shot and edited. Very helpful with the torque specs. I just finished my rear bearing hub assembly after watching your video about a dozen times! Lol

B Dunn says:

The O ring is mentioned once, but not repeated. Did the hub you bought come with it or did you need to purchase? I am searching and cannot find reference for the part and there does not seem to be one in the box of the Timken hubs I bought. Thoughts?

Mine is a 2008 model…175k miles

David Gutierrez says:

Do you remember the manufacturer of this hub assembly.

matthew jones says:

Extreamly detailed great video thanks

Daniel Sittenauer says:

Watched your video twice to make sure. It was easy and it took me 90 minutes total (from pulling the car into the garage and back out). This was on my son's 04 TSX, which went bad @ 219,000 miles

Thenappy Headskater says:

Thanks man, gonna be doing this this weekend thanks to you I won’t be goin to a shop

smh says:

Thank you! I needed this!

David M says:

It would be great if you worked on Jeep's or broncos.

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