Acura TSX how to fix a stereo with no power/Wont turn on!

Acura TSX how to fix a stereo with no power/Wont turn on!

Fuse location and fix!



Lewin Santana says:

Holasas syuda

Alexander Ortiz says:

My ac works but on my screen you can barely see it. How do I fix that?

Montrell Robinson says:

I change the #6 fuse, my ac temperature ld illuminate my clock overhead the ac vents came on and my radio reading a code. How do u get the radio out of code to having sound?

J D says:

07 TSX here. I just upgraded my battery to a V6 battery and now have no sound, but my Android head unit (the same one you have) turns on and works. I checked the #5, #6, #32 fuses and they're all okay. Any ideas?

pat ontario says:

NW_ innovations does this happen with aftermarket radios i have a 04 acura tsx the aftermarket radio wont work also the climate control display wont show up ether would this be the same issue

Ray Sotelo says:

What’s up man, my Car Audio Amp fuse keeps blowing #5 fuse. Tried replacing it with new fuse and just fried it immediately any help or suggestions can help! Thank you

Kenneth Richards says:

Hey man I have an 06 TSX I have the old android stereo set up 2g my touch screen works but I can’t see anything what do you think is going on? I bought the car with it in it so I don’t have the stock radio . I took the whole thing out and everything looks fine maybe the screen just went out?

Alan Ar says:

My dog what fuses number it to fixed cell phone charger outlet doesn’t charge don’t know what fuse number it is

MoneyyFeenz says:

Man my mechanic fixed my radiator, and ever since my radio doesn’t turn on. What should I do

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