Acura TL S How to replace power steering high pressure hose – OmegaDave

Acura TL S How to replace power steering high pressure hose – OmegaDave

In this video I replaced my power steering line on my 2003 Acura TL Type S this is the second generation Acura TL should be exactly the same for all 99 to 2003 Acura TL but I can’t imagine much has changed if you do have a third generation 04 to 08.
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The new line was purchased from and cost me $45.50 shipped it was the cheapest i found.



OmegaDAVE says:

The quick rundown: two 10 mm on top at the pump. One more 10 mm that on the rear valve cover. Then follow the hose down disconnect the pressure sensor. Next there are two more 10mm that secure the line to the crossmember one on each side. Then all you have left is the 14 mm that goes into the steering rack. Thanks for watching!

Rory Poole says:

This video is dope

SeanMichaels says:

Help I’m Trying to remove the line from the rack and Pinion any advice

Stephen Jackson says:

OEM hose over bending those aftermarket lines because you can kink them. Also if you have a Jack you can remove hose from bottom instead of removing strut tower brace

davidmezera says:

Some ppl just don't appreciate good work. You make great videos.

Bryanna Shaw says:

Could u tell me what all tolls i need before i start please

Ainge The Mechanic says:

24 hours to do a 45 minutes job just genius

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