Acura TL Radiator Cooling Fan Motor and Relay Testing and Replacement

Acura TL Radiator Cooling Fan Motor and Relay Testing and Replacement

A simple procedure if your Acura or Honda (and really any vehicle) is having cooling trouble. One of the easiest things to check for is the radiator fan motor and the radiator fan relay. We’ll go over how to find the correct relay, test the relay, test the wiring from the relay box to the fan motor and test the fan motor. This specific vehicle is a 2006 Acura TL.

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— Wheel bearing replacement with basic hand tools:
— Choosing the best oil filter: Wix XP / Amsoil / Royal Purple..
— Fuel Pump Relay Testing:
— Radiator Fan Motor Replacement:

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Ben Yoshi says:

So instead of doing a test of the cooling fan….you did a test on the AC fan??

Patrick Carrillo says:

Just for the folks that don't know the '07 and '08 models of the TL the fuse box is flipped backwards So if you're confused on why it's different compared to this video it's because Acura actually flipped the fuse box for those two years Don't know why But that's just how it is

James Parker says:

Hopefully someone can help me out please & thank you in advance I have an 2006 AcuraTL and the needle on the engine temperature gauge goes up past halfway but it doesn't get anywhere near the H though , I ran these exact same same test in this YouTube video here and it all checked out fine so the only last thing I can think of is maybe the radiator is clogged a little bit since the engine temperature gauge never reaches the H. Thank You for reading my comment appreciate it.

m32797m says:

Disconecting clps is always horror project

Obama Baraka says:

Good explanation, thank

I saw different kinds of RC battery and multimeter. I have had difficulty to order online. Could you give the name voltage etc in detail please.

Thank you again

Angel Rueda says:

My fan stays on until the battery dies. Could the relay be the culprit? Fan turns off when I disconnect negative terminal on battery

Doug Devine says:

Tip of the cap, sir!

halleffect1 says:

does your car have a heat shield on the front cat converter? mine doesn't but looks like it should.

Matt Kennedy says:

This was a great explanation and dummied down for people like me haha. Thank you very much.

MsLeelee94 says:

i changed my pressure temperature sensor and the fan comes on but now it comes on when the car starts and don't go off until i turn the car off changed out the hi/fan and low/fan relays and it still stays on until i shit the car off i don't know don't have a engine light the car is not running hot so yeah

mopet says:

Good explanation! Thank you! Great!

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