Acura tl how to replace lower contol arm

Acura tl how to replace lower contol arm

enjoy the video!!

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T says:

Which bushing is Which ?

Hug0 says:

U took it for alignment afterward.

Humberto Barajas says:

What year is this tl

Anti Angelofmusic says:

Bushing preload?

KHAOE1 says:

Do you have to disassemble at the upper control arm to get the lower control arm and ball joint back together? Seems like my drive axel is extended too far out and I can't get the ball joint stud anywhere near the lower control arm hole.

Andrew Perez says:

Yo where did you buy your lower control arm?

Robert Cheung says:

I believe one needs to tighten all bushings with the weight of the car on them.

Ryan Shields says:

How do you reattach it? When I went to reinstall it my nuts just free spin with the bolts spinning too, but there is no nut on the other side or a thing to hold onto.

Alfredo Gomez says:

I would like to see more videos of this Acura TL, i already subscribed to your channel.

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