Acura CLUTCH Job (+Radio Display Repair)

Acura CLUTCH Job (+Radio Display Repair)

This 2007 Acura TSX 6-speed manual hot rod is due for a new clutch.
Not a bad job on the floor using a few time-saving shortcuts!

Also the Radio HVAC Sub-display is intermittent, so I fix that no-parts-required while it’s in the shop.




J1 says:

Hey, got a 04 tsx 6 speed, toasted clutch, bad 3rd synchro (can shift it without grinding)…. Can i change the clutch and flywheel without rebuilding the trans? Also, what i would be installing it’s a stage 2 action clutch and lightened flywheel .. please let me know. Idk if it’s okay to do that. I wanna rebuild ut later on with a lsd and new shifter box and cables and the whole 9 yards.. but for now i wanna have it driving again.. it only grinds third on hard acceleration.

Joshua Rohrer says:

Does this work with a 2004 acura TSX?

johnaclark1 says:

I'm getting ready to do this job on a 2007 Acura TSX in the next day or two. For all those saying "machine the flywheel, Ivan!" Well, Alldata says NOT to machine the flywheel. If the runout is over spec then you're supposed to replace it. I bought an Exedy kit for this job that comes with a flywheel for less than $300. Gotta love RockAuto!

Ozzy Krahn says:

i wonder how many times he has a foot hurt from dropped stuff

FL1PN0S1S says:

and i thought changing my own oil and filter was satisfying. as long as it goes swimmingly i suppose. wish we gone along the test drive though.

Rodger Mills says:

Just finished a clutch replacement on my 07 Ford Escape, wrestled with the spline alignment for 45 minutes. Ivan makes it look too easy! Nice work.

Wes Hawkins says:

I use to do them that way when I was your age, not anymore. $2000 10,000 pound lift one of the best investments I’ve made.

David Gilpin says:

Cold solder joints/cracked solder joints cause SO many problems. In the mid 2000s there was an "epidemic" of problems after RoHS forced board manufacturers to "get the lead out". The wave solder machines and processes needed time to "work out the kinks", but a lot of products suffered. The display in this Acura was probably manufactured in 2005 or 2006, right at the peak of these problems. Great job, Ivan!

Joe Milton says:

that girl is chewing through those clutches, huh? I'm still getting stellar performance out of the original clutch on my 08 Altima 6 speed with 320k miles and climbing. You're a lot like scotty, in that you make these things look easy!

Kurt Knapp says:

I like the NPR portions, will never be found at the stealerships.

wesley pagel says:

heres some food for thought use some metric thread rod to support motor subrframe with nut and washer to drop it to get clearance i done that to help align transmissions back to engine

Art says:

Hey Ivan have you ever considered something like the MaxJax lift for your garage? They are fantastic!!

lvsqcsl says:

I guess I am going to go to Pennsylvania to get my electronic cluster display repaired. Great video!

R. Weaver says:

Many automakers use leadfree solder which cannot withstand heat or vibration as well as normal solder.

mike fedele says:

You don't need to drop the sub you can do it all from the bottom very similar technic personally I avoid dropping subs to avoid alignments afterward but your way had way more room.

E E says:

Flux pen…

zoidberg444 says:

LUK is the OEM brand for a bunch of Toyotas made in Europe. Either LUK or Sachs in my experience.

Jeremy Anthony says:

Where's your hanger Ivan?

SWS says:

In 45 years done maybe 150+ clutch jobs ! I have never done a clutch job without resurfacing flywheel and always replace throw out bearing!

Craig Goodwin says:

Ivan, I use to like to do clutch jobs. I think was because of the difference they made to the car as an end result. So it was fun watching you do this one. Just as great was how you repaired the solder joints on that display. I suspect most shops would be ordering a new part at the expense of their customer. Appreciate the skill you demonstrate with a soldering iron. Thanks for Sharing!

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