Acura announces a fix for a common noise Problem in new vehicles

Acura announces a fix for a common noise Problem in new vehicles

A new TSB was released on June 21st 2024 that affects ALL 2022-2023 Acura MDX vehicles. The dealer will Install updated rear dust shields to prevent debris from being lodged in between causing a noise.

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@richardwagner4668 says:

I've had this problem on my 2018 Accord. I could hardly believe how small the pebble was for the sound it was making. I could barely see it on the repairman's finger tip.

@tolu87 says:

I have a 2023 MDX and I had this issue and i push the metal splash guard with a screwdriver and the rock fell out. Thanks for sharing this info.

@wardnichols7672 says:

May have to wait for parts. There are two recalls on my 20 Accord and no parts available yet.

@david029014 says:

I have a 2018 honda accord with 40,000 miles, I owe less than 10,000 should I get trade it in?

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