2019-2022 Acura RDX Running Board Install

2019-2022 Acura RDX Running Board Install

What you need to install Running Boards on 2019-2022 ACURA RDX

Car Jack
Plastic pry tool/clip removal tool
10mm socket
12 mm socket
Ratchet and an extension
Side nose cutting pliers/box cutter/little knife

This installation is meant for 2019-2021 RDX but since 2022 didn’t change much, I’m sure it will be the same for that model year.

Running Board link


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De says:

When you corrected yourself as to which side is the front or the rear, how do you know? I literally have the same kit and it does not say anything.

Eddy Ngan says:

Awesome Video. I purchased a used running board for my 2019 RDX and it's missing the bolts that mount on the body frame. Do you know the correct bolts that I need to purchase. Also are all the mounting bolt points are the same for the RDX. Thank you in advance.

C0mikal says:

How long did it take to install?

Crawfishies says:

I didn't need to take out the whole panel, as you can see it's lined to where you can cut it with a box cutter. it was simple. Thanks very easy install.
i am small enough I didn't even need to jack up the vehicle, heheh.

CHSBaseball says:

Thanks for the info going to do mine soon.

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