2012 (4th Gen) Acura TL Alternator Replacement – Squeaky Noise

2012 (4th Gen) Acura TL Alternator Replacement – Squeaky Noise

Here I filmed a partial “how-to” replace an alternator on my 2012 Acura TL 3.5L; wasn’t able to film the beginning, but if you watch the entire thing, I’m sure you’ll get a good perspective on how to remove the old alternator and install a new one.

This is only an informational video, and performing any repairs on your own or other people’s vehicles is done at your own risk and I cannot be held liable.




What kind of alternator did u buy , did u have a check engine light , or u just changed it cuz the noise

S _soreserved says:

Hey man,

Thanks for sharing. I know I cant tackle this on my own, however, If I can purchase the alternator and other parts on my own to save a few dollars then thats what I hope to do. Dealer is charging $1082. $600 for alternator and I guess the rest is labor. I found a site for oem denso Alternator Assembly (CSF92) (Denso) – Acura (31100-RGW-A01)for $442. And a local shop said $220 for the labor. What other parts do I need to purchase along with the Alternator? I think you said a tensioner?

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