2009 – 2014 Acura TSX driveshaft and seal replacement – DIY

2009 – 2014 Acura TSX driveshaft and seal replacement – DIY

Transmission axle seal leak? driveshaft boot leak? driveshaft make noise?
Tools: 36mm socket axle nut, 19mm socket, 17mm socket and wrench, 10mm socket, pry bar, hammer and chisel, optional power tools.

Please, refer to your owner manual, service manual for cautions, safety, and specification.

This Video shows you how to replace the driveshaft and oil seal on 2009 – 2014 Acura TSX.

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Vu Nguyen says:

What's the part number for the axle seal?

Pete Silvestri says:

Great tutorial.. thanks

Moe Khan says:

I tried your socket trick and hammer but it didn’t work and damaged the seal. Now I’m going to go buy a new seal tomorrow and not sure what I should use to press it in.

joshua rivera says:

Is this the same for the 13 wagon as well?

Isaiah Williams says:

Can this being bad make it feel like you have a transmission problem?

Jesus love you says:

Hi may I ask what was the problem that the customer was having

Jack Buercklin says:

Do you have to drain the ATF before doing this?

Ari Weiser says:

Whats the part # for the axle seal

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