Volvo S60 Headlight Assembly Replacement – DIY in 10 Minutes!

Volvo S60 Headlight Assembly Replacement – DIY in 10 Minutes!

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We’re here with Jay VanGorden again to show you how to remove and install the headlamp assembly on your P2 Volvo. There are many reasons why replacing a headlamp assembly in your Volvo S60 can be necessary.  The headlamp assembly on a P2 Volvo S60 can be quite trouble-some. The earlier model years used a glass lens and the later years used a plastic alternative. The earlier glass lenses tend to pit and crack over time while the later plastic versions tend to haze up. Both versions have also been known to spring a condensation leak due to the seal.

In the case of oxidation, there are several products on the market that remove the oxidation similarly to removing oxidation from car paint. Additionally there are some who have successfully used toothpaste to remove headlight oxidation as well (yes, you read that right). If you need new headlights, you may want to consider changing them in pairs for even lighting performance.

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Neeb Peter says:

good Job verry qwick grettings from germany

Said Oubenyassaf says:

hello can you tell me is it the same to remove from a s60 2004 thank you.

Hector Emm says:

Hi I have a headlight problem my passenger headlight doesnt work I replaced the bulbs but i noticed the clip you connect to the bulb broke off so i just use the prongs from were the clip was and connect it to the h7 bulb but it's not working, do u think i need to replace the wire?

Ryan Coppa says:

Very helpful

Matt Reeves says:

Is the process for removing the bumper any different for Volvo’s with the headlight wipers?

Yadnesh Bandekar says:

Can someone please tell the what the rubber seal surrounding the headlight is called / part number for the same?
Where can i get it? Thanks

Richard Mendoza says:

Hi.can you make a video Volvo s60 installing universal pushbutton start I can order a from your campany that pushbutton start.pls and thank you.

Thehunter85 says:

For the Christ sake why they have to complicate things so much????


Where is the ballest located on a 07 s60 Volvo 2.5t


Does these cars have a balance in the front bumper that could be bad?


I have a s60 07 Volvo on passenger side head light comes on n then goes right back off. Could this be the balance being bad?

mcnuggs says:

Nice. Is this also how one would replace the light bulbs only, or is there a simpler way to do that?

Robby Powell says:

Does the bumper needs to be removed to replace just the glass lens? I have a 2004 S80.

Chris Jones says:

The adjuster screws seem to be broken on my '08. They're still slightly adjustable, but I still can't get them exactly where they should be. My shop suggested that eventually I'll need to replace both assemblies. I hate driving at night looking like a chameleon!

MrCarGuy20 says:

At $250-$400 each, you may as well try taking them out/leaving them in and detailing them with one of the many sanding/polishing methods and adding a new protective layer before you spend much more (especially on the plastic lens units where you replace the entire thing!).

Игорь Сочнёв says:


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