Volvo Fuel Pressure Sensor Replacement – Easy DIY (S60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90)

Volvo Fuel Pressure Sensor Replacement – Easy DIY (S60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90)

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A common failure item on the P1, P2, and P3 chassis Volvo is its fuel pressure sensor. The fuel pressure sensor is responsible for metering the fuel pressure inside your fuel rail and reporting back to the ECM (Engine Control Module). Follow along with Jay, our Volvo catalog manager, and learn how to replace your sensor in your P1, P2 or P3 chassis 2.5t equipped vehicle.

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James Ruscoe says:

im not sure i agree with putting grease on the seal. two possibility could occur – one you could get grease contaminated with the fuel and block the injectors and two the seal rely's on swelling after touching the fuel for a good seal – thus you are changing this behavior with grease.

Heather Katzenburger says:

I have a 2004 Volvo car stalls as soon as you start it and finally goes again and stalls as I'm driving.loses power and starts bogging down.what do you think the problem is?

Peppermint says:

Hi Jason, no problem to use petroleum grease on the sensor O-ring or the injectors O-rings. Gasoline is petroleum, those O-rings are precisely designed to stay in petroleum. Most of the time I simply use Vaseline (which is based on petroleum as well), just make sure to use such grease, or the O-ring will be damaged upon reinsertion.
Also check the PEM

Hiram Gonzalez says:

Would it be the same on a 2007 S80?

Aytan De La Hoz says:

You are amazing!!! You just saved me $300 that the mechanic wanted to charge for something that can be done within 5 minutes!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

E A says:

Omg this was amazing !!! The local mechanics did not know how to fix the car. After watching the video I just did it myself and I fixed the issue. I’m sure saved a bunch of money as well.

Josh Claxton says:

You guys are the best. Perfect instructions even for something simple. Thanks for everything!

Peppermint says:

Don't forget to depressurize at the small valve (put a plastic over the valve then press down with a screwdriver (really important, I've done this on cars sitting for weeks and there was still some pressure), so it doesn't spill in your face when you remove the sensor. But again, all the fuel from the rail will spill out no matter what, about 2oz of fuel so better put a small can to catch it and don't do this inside your garage, or you will get in trouble with wife, gasoline stinks and the smell doesn't go away. Use Vaseline on the seal, do not try to press the seal in place without some Vaseline or you will guaranteed damage it and it will leak. Same goes for the seals (o-rings) on the injectors, always a smear of Vaseline before inserting the injectors and keep everything crystal clean so you don't get any dirt on the O-rings area.

Keneau Arnet says:

Excellent. Good DIY info. So, I will now "do it myself." Thanks.

ypoob go says:

@fcpEuro can i use engine oil to lube the fuel pressure sensor when i install?

ypoob go says:

@fcpeuro do i need to remove the 15A fuse for fuel pump and start the car until stop and loose pressure?or i just push in the schrader valve to loose pressure?which of the two correct?

ypoob go says:

what kind of synthetic grease did you put @fcpEuro?how do you remove check engine light?

Ahmed Mustafa says:

thank you .

ypoob go says:

what happen if you dont repair or change your fuel pressure sensor?

ypoob go says:

i watch some videos in changing FPR ,do i need to remove the fuse for fuel pump?and start the engine until the engine that correct way changing FPR?but your video is different and so easy.

A ride away says:

You guys have helped me out on parts more than once. Having the same issue on my 2015 v60, just ordered the sensor, part was a bargain at 29$. A big thank you from a 20yrs plus Volvo owner.

ypoob go says:

i have volvo s40 2007,and the engine light is on,and when i scan the code is the fuel pressure sensor problem?

Msteelerfan says:

I have a 04 volvo s80 2.5t, do you have a video on that? mine is not on the fuel rail like this one.

Gabriel McGee says:

Should I disconnect the battery before replacing the sensor?

dasteeples says:

So will the car re pressurize itself after the replace? And after should i do anything else?

chammyman says:

So an O ring on a fuel sensor, essentially submerged in petrol cannot be lubricated with a petroleum based grease…

Is this like the 'flat earth society has members all around the globe' joke?

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