Volvo Fuel Door Hinge Replacement – Super Simple DIY (S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90)

Volvo Fuel Door Hinge Replacement – Super Simple DIY (S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90)

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If you own a P2 chassis Volvo, then chances are that you’re no stranger to the poor design of the fuel door hinge. The fuel door hinges on these cars are made of a cheap plastic which most commonly breaks off at the point where the spring applies pressure to the hinge. It’s and easy repair, and all you need is a punch and a hammer.

**NOTE:** Before installing, we recommend to remove the securing pins from the new hinge, flip them over, and reinsert halfway back into the new hinge. This will prevent the pins from dislodging and flying away when you go to tap them into the securing position.

These plastic hinges were used on the following models & year ranges:

S60 (2001-2009)
V70 (2001-2007)
XC70 (2003-2007)
S80 (1999-2006)
XC90 (2003-2014)

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Samuel Filip says:

Gotta change it on my S80

M R C H R N Z JR says:

I was able to use a flat head screwdriver and brake the hinge off by placing it in between the opening on the plastic holding on to the rod on the fuel door.

Takes a few more seconds but I didn’t want to find out how strong the rod was and brake it.

Paulius Skucas says:

Great video, straight to the point, no needless chatter.

wallpaper42 says:

What is up with this spring that says it fits any Volvo? Will it fit my '96 960? The regular spring for it is almost 30 bucks…

RAWitvoet says:

Common problem, changed this recently on my S80. Simple and easy fix, great video.

Zack1453 says:

nice work but i still hate the volvo!

Paulo Marcos says:

Excellent, like all FCP 'how to' videos!

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