Rear suspension, shocks and springs replacement, P80 Volvo, 850, S70, V70, etc. – VOTD

Rear suspension, shocks and springs replacement, P80 Volvo, 850, S70, V70, etc. – VOTD

Rear suspension replacement: 30 to 90 minutes ($120 / $300 / $450)

In this video I replaced the rear shocks and springs in my 850 R. Since my car had the Nivomats and I was not going to replace them with new Nivomats, I had to replace the springs as well.



EJShelby says:

Robert, you probably serviced Mr Gus Fring's black volvo v70

Pratyut Tit says:

Hi Robert The 1993 Volvo 960 executive nivomats failed and now it's time to replace the springs and put in some shocks. Here in Thailand all the junk yard parts are available, but I have to pay for them and they ship them to me. What cars have springs and shocks that could bolt in to replace the nivomats and springs? I read on the internet that the way to go is a Toyota Previa from 1994, but you likely know of the best Volvo to get the normal springs and shocks from. Thanks in advance ps. I hope some day to repay you for all your help.

Raimonds Cacurs says:

Good day, Robert! I'm curious … I own 850 T5 saloon and 850 2,5 20v estate, it is obvious that the T5 is about 20mm lower than the non-turbo versions. So, my question is, what makes this difference, I have done a lot of repairs on both of them, but I can't figure it out!?

kevinabalo says:

Hi Robert,
I've bought new lowering springs for my T-5R.
Q: Will I need a top mount, or will the spring utilize the same set-up as the old `Nivomat` spring? I realize that I'll need lower spring mounts.

Michael Sackstein says:

I just replaced all the shocks on my 06 Pilot. Still gotta do the rear sway bar links. Had to grind the front ones off as the bolts on either side were just hopelessly seized and rusted into place. So I ordered some quick struts online from Am doing the rest of the front & rear suspension components in the upcoming weeks.

James Armstrong says:

Hi Robert, I can't see the difference between the "XC V70" the "AWD V70" (our 1998 car has "CROSS COUNTRY" across the boot (trunk)…. How can I identify my Car! Yours. James

James Armstrong says:

(Volvo 2.4l XC (AWD 1998): Hi again Robert & all your readers! I thought that I'd 'go public' on this, as it might be useful for your subscribers…My last message was correct – but this morning (2nd March 2018) my trusty garage said that the rear shocks that we had were the wrong sort, and he couldn't fit them… because they were for the Front wheel drive V70's and not the AWD's. The rear shock absorbers that we recieved are TRW's JGT381T .
I've spent this morning phoning various companies in England and Germany (Berlin).
… They all agree that the shocks are the right ones for our car, apart from one thing that I pointed out. And I threw a Cat amongst the Pigeons…it appears, that our Volvo has a "SELF LEVELLING SYSTEM", and so we have to have shock absorbers that cost about a million DonaldDollars… it's even worse in ElizabethSterlings?? The professionals that I spoke to don't seem to see this as very important or even relevant, almost 'chatting it down'…..(Talking it down).
Robert, gossip aside, please can you tell me what is a 'Self levelling chassis' as opposed to 'Standard chassis'. How & what does it do – and what difference DOES IT MAKE TO REAR SHOCK ABSORBERS. Can I still fit the TRW's in our AWD.
The expensive 'SACHS' manufacturers have a threaded 'bar' through the lower end eye of the shock, and a 'gaiter' (concertina rubber shroud) going half way up. But I can see in your video (above) that there is a threaded bar in place, still in the chassis and you slid the shock absorber off it.
We are beginning to think that our local mechanic might be wrong about the TRW's.
I would be most grateful for any advice please.
Yours, as always. James (France).

James Armstrong says:

Hi Robert! I have some good news – and you saved me a lot of Euro's! … I was very tempted by that 850 TDI, but, you told me on the 'phone, clearly that the Shock absorbers (Struts) would not fit our V70. How right you are Sir! A colleague at School gave me a web-site address – – (Paris ((France)), I think, looking at their 'phone number)… Their web site analysers the French registration plate when you enter it, or, enter the VIN of the Car. I did both. Their computers did not recognise an 850 equivalent. But, recognised all the V70 series which use the same shocks. Price? 112.86 Euros incl. delivery. (US $140.58) for the pair of rears of course. They aren't the highest quality shocks, but, we're on a tight economy – they suit us just fine .
Thanks again Robert, you saved me a lot of time, space and money. (My local professional Garage will fit both rears for 48 Euros (US $59.73).
yours. James. (Ariege, France).

vteckid82 says:


James Armstrong says:

Many thanks for your advice over the phone Robert! . I'll keep you and your viewers updated. Kindest, still trying to Buff it out…James

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