Rear hatch latch testing and repair, Volvo 850, V70, V70XC, etc. – VOTD

Rear hatch latch testing and repair, Volvo 850, V70, V70XC, etc. – VOTD

Rear hatch latch repair: 30 to 90 minutes ($25 / $150 / $525)

In this video I trouble shoot a rear hatch problem and replace a part on the latch that controls the locking mechanism. This should work on most Volvo cars built between 1992 through 2000, including the Volvo 850, V70 and V90 cars.



Dakota Vogel says:

Is there a way to manually force the back hatch open? Mine has broken and I have yet to figure out how to get it open. the handle or the key won't open it. Any advice?

juanamonique20081 says:

Hello. It juana again. What am I looking for when I check the wires and checking the latch

Brittney M says:

on my Volvo like this model it won't open. the trunk light stays on but no matter what I try the hatch won't open. I've only had the car two weeks and it worked fine the first week. any ideas how to get this bad boy open??

arne lebrato says:

I had the same problem on my 2002 V70. Dashboard message said 'tailgate open' even when it was closed. It kept setting off the alarm off. I changed the switch in the latch. Still got the message. I took off the panels along the glass to inspect the wires. I noticed the bottom connector to the rear window defogger was disconnected. The soldering to the glass came off. I re-soldered the element to the glass…..problem solved. Now the light by the tail gate goes off when I close the tailgate and there is no message on the dash.

Wheeler Law says:

how did you remove the panel on the tailgate?

Mr Dubiez says:

Good question for you Robert.

First of all, thanks for your help.

Second of all, in my s70, for no reason, the car now thinks that the trunk is always open and won't stop ringing in the car and there no courtesy light anymore.

I could easily trouble shoot it, but it's like -20°C right now here so I'm not so happy whit this option hahahahaha.

The trunk open and close normaly, it lock and unlock both with the key and the switch in the car, only the light for the trunk in the dash is light up.

Thank you in advance for your help and keep on the good work

David says:

Hello Robert!
I have a problem with my Remote key for my Volvo 855R.
My car's key remote will unlock the cars doors and "unlock" the alarm but it won't lock the cars doors but will set(not set it like it's being broken into) the alarm. I can lock the doors with help of the regular key and all the doors get locked.
I think this might be because of the rear boot. The rear boot cannot be unlocked with the remote and when I unlock it with the key none of the doors unlock at the same time. Same thing if I lock the boot, none of the doors will lock if I lock the boot.
Do you think the rear latch has something to do with this?

Israeli Stone says:

Thank you, this helped tremendously !

Carmicha3l says:

My key acts like it won't even fit in the trunk lock, checked to see if there was a piece of something blocking it, used a magnet and didn't find anything

andy532 says:

Thanks as ever Richard. Just tested the wiring on mine and got the rear side panel off without completely removing the roof section that you say breaks. Just needed a little wiggle to get passed it after removing the two T25 screws and pulling down the front section nearest front of car. Just thought I'd share as these twenty year old plastics are getting very brittle. Keep up the great work. Regards Redbrick.

Robert Grassi says:

Thanks for this video, it helped me find and fix a problem on my car.
If your xc70 hatch handle is crooked, take off the trim on the inside of the hatch. Look at the other side of the handle, there will be an aluminum pin that the handle pivots on. Sometimes this pin can slide sideways, so it's not riding in every hole that it should, which is what makes it crooked. Just slide the pin with some needle nose pliers through the holes it belongs in. Then use some tape or other material to wrap around the shaft so that it doesn't slide sideways again.

Joe Blow says:

I'm proud of you Robert, thanks for the videos.

Dave CP says:

It has a remote.

Dave CP says:

I have a 2003 S60 sedan with the electronic trunk release. The "Valet Trunk" lock is on and won't release. I got the trunk open (after sending my kid through the backseat armrest), but the "Valet Lock" won't deactivate after following the directions in the manual. What I've done so far: Checked the fuse for the locking motor – Still Good. Checked the cables – Still Good. Checked the exterior button to open the trunk: Still Good & makes a clicking sound when pressed. Anything I missed?

Idyllic Dreams says:

Thank you for your videos, Robert. You have been very helpful in my work on my V70.

Jaakko Oksa says:

I had a problem of the tailgate interlock randomly not locking in an 850. The problem was that the linear actuator in the lock mechanism was working intermittently. I eventually disconnected the actuator because it is better to have a tailgate which is locked and unlocked manually than one which is randomly left unlocked.

Michael Chitwood says:

What was the price of the used actuator from the junk-used parts yard?

Michael Sackstein says:

again for $525 I'd rather have another Volvo of that vintage lol. but the other prices seem fairly reasonable for a replacement unit. 

zx8401ztv says:

Smashing job robert :-))
Shame someone ruined the other one, i bet your frend was chuffed with the result 😀

Last year i had a hatchback type car to fix, the numberplate light didnt work but it wasnt the bulb, also the wipermotor on the hatch didnt work.
it was the cables going through a rubber gator from the hatch to body, wires had snapped and all of the others were hanging on by strands.
I cut every one and soldered+heatshrinked a 1 foot long wire in, pushed the joints into the hatch and body so no joint was at the hinge bending point.
Worked perfect, although the wire colours were not original, hope the electrons dont mind ha ha 😀 😀

ex.cxflyr says:

think it was just the micro switch?

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