Power steering pump replacement, Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70 XC, etc. – VOTD

Power steering pump replacement, Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70 XC, etc. – VOTD

Power steering pump replacement: 60 to 90 minutes ($50 / $150 / $325)

In this video I replace the power steering pump on a 1998 Volvo S70.



Morgan W says:

Hey Robert. The user manual of my 2000 V70 says I don't have to change the power steering fluid at all. Also my mechanic at home says I don't have to change it. However I have heard that its a good idea to change it every 4 or 5 years since the old fluid can become abrasive and damage the power steering pump. Do you think its a good idea to change the fluid for this reason or no?

Dzikri Adam says:

Hi Robert, im from Malaysia and using volvo 850 t5. Always a fan of your videos, i have an issue, my steering wheel make noise when its cold start, but when start few mins the engine is warmer the noise is gone. But on the reservoir it loose oil slowly and i need to fill it up eveytime with power steering stop leak oil. What would be the issue here ya ?

clariona says:

Excellent video. I did the job in two half days, due to inclement weather. I would like to suggest one important optional step. My old steering pump did not slide up and out after all the bolts were removed. It would not budge. To complete the removal of my pump, I needed to loosen the lower long clamping bolt on the pump bracket.

BlastReadingSeries says:

Robert, getting some stiffness every so often making turns. Not leaking any fluid so I'm going to go with a drain and fill and flush… Do you think random stiffness might point to something else? Thanks, brother!

Minster Homes says:

Hi Robert. The steering on my XC90 just became very stiff. I have full power steering liquid and no leaks. The Volvo dealer said I could trying spraying PB Blaster to eliminate corrosion from the steering. Thing is, I don't know where to spray it? Which joints and where to find them. Can you help?

iC Dragonfly says:

Hi, Robert. I'm wondering if you know the size of the o-ring needed a 1993 940 Volvo sedan. Apperarentally the dealer doesn't sell just the o-ring and the pump is already replaced just missing the o-ring. P.S. My Dad said the o-ring might even be in the wrong place but I'm not sure as it's his car & he is the one who did the originally. Thanks, Best Regards. Josh.

OliverUnderTheMoon says:

Part #: 3546907


hey Robert…you wouldn't happen to know what type of power steering fluid is currently being used for a 2003 Volvo S40?…

Francis Bonga says:

hi i have volvo 850 1994 i wanna change the steering fluid do you have any advice? thanks

Manuel Klein says:

Advice on replacing seals of power steering pump? The kit of seals only cost $8 vs a used pump costing $40. Is it possible to do?

Rece Clark says:

I have a 99 s70 and after about a hour of driving I hear a winding noise in my steering. it get really loud would u say that's what it is. power steering pump?

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