How to replace coolant hoses on a P1 Volvo, C30, S40, V40, V50, C70, etc. – VOTD

How to replace coolant hoses on a P1 Volvo, C30, S40, V40, V50, C70, etc. – VOTD

Coolant hoses replacement: 2 to 3 hours ($125 / $450 / $650)

In this video I replaced most of the coolant hoses on a Volvo P1 vehicle. This process is just about the same on all of the P1 cars, Volvo C30, C70, S40, V40, V50, etc.
Rear expansion tank hose: 30680148
Expansion Tank Bleeder Hose: 30776162
Expansion Tank Bleeder Hose: 30776155

Upper Radiator Hose: 30723082
Lower Radiator Hose: 30761633
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adamv242 says:

Hoses that aren't simply point A-B should be illegal.

Brian Min says:

What about replacing the auto radiator hose with the manual one and then installing an oil cooler?

That lower radiator hose has too many potential failure points.

Azmi Abu Bakar says:

Hallo sir.. Where can I get/buy the silicone hoses set as in your video? Will U please give the link here so I can buy it? Thanks.

Joshuackerman says:

Been getting a coolant leak , have to refill coolant every week , I assume my leaks coming from that octopus hose although the leaks on the passenger side , not the driver side

TheOmegaeyes says:

What mileage recommend for these hoses to be replaced? I have 2 P1 cars. Both have over 150k miles.

Lawnmower16 2012 says:

I’d definitely advise all owners of these cars to get these hoses replaced cause if they bust your engine will blow very quickly just ask the previous owner of my s40
I put a used engine in my s40 it actually isn’t quite as hard as you might think all the wiring is plug and play very easy the engine comes out fairly easily you have to angle it out the frame rails for it to clear I left the trans attached the new engine was a bitch to get the mounts lined up since it sits tilted rearward a little but overall not as intimidating as it might seem
Now I have a pretty good daily 5 speed s40

ted kaczynski says:

holy crow, robert. you are tough and persistent. merry christmas! perhaps you should travel the country helping people with their windows and pc problems. whatever so-called engineer who designed the octo-hose should be flogged. all the saints would approve.

holidayhouse03 says:

Videos like these make me appreciate the simplicity of my redblock 7/9 cars even more.

AwakeDude911 says:

that's why I say these s40s are room/ everything plastic and ecu in a hot engine bay if them parts don't fail
today its wont be long before they bust and break . I drive a s60 that mess under the hood is more aggravation that a s70 or 850 any day… I know the average person cant work on these cars anymore.

Woody Glendell says:

Merry Christmas, Sir!!

gooddad1975 says:

Merry Christmas Robert

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