How to remove the cylinder head from a white block Volvo vehicle. – VOTD

How to remove the cylinder head from a white block Volvo vehicle. – VOTD

Cylinder head removal: 3 to 6 hours ($40 / $400 / $750)

In this video I share what I do when removing a cylinder head from a Volvo 850. This applies to other white block Volvo vehicles as well. S70, V70, V70XC, V70R, etc.
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Solid vs hydraulic lifters:
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Gedas Naud says:

Hi I have 98 c70 coupe with a 2.0 t5 B5204t3 and I have been having a Hard time finding an engine block in my area I was wondering are all engine block The same from The B5204T engine family?

90hdt says:

Hi I have a 07 s40 t5 and have the head off and I got rained out I’m going to be towing for a 8 hr drive where I have access to a shop while I’m home for 2 weeks. Is there any reason I shouldn’t tow it without the upper left motor mount in it since it attaches to the head

Gary Hall says:

Robert, is it possible to get the pistons out and replace my rings without taking the whole motor out?

Ammo Bee says:

I have a 2000 volvo V40 1.8 rhd uk. The headgasket has gone. Does the procedure in this video also apply to the v40s. Many thanks and really enjoy your videos. God bless you x

Robert Bryant says:

I pulled the head on a 2008 V50 T5 today. This video was helpful with what to expect from the cam carrier cover and head bolts. Yep, those head bolts sure are tight! I picked up this car cheap with a broken timing belt. 12 out of 20 valves are slightly bent but I figured on that. 3 pistons have slight kisses near the intake valve reliefs but should clean up easily. Thank you for what you do and share with everyone. God bless.

Ansez says:

you are the very best. Thank you so much

Judy Lyons says:

Robert, How do I send you a picture of something? I am done with the cylinder head and watched many of the videos on this. We are putting it all together including setting the timing, however, there is a piece I have no idea where it goes. Looks important. Its metal about 6 inches long 1/4 inch round with bolt on one end. The other end is flat and has 2 holes one is oval and the other is a circle. I believe it holds something on.

Jeffrey Smyth says:

Are you able to push away the exhaust manifold on a turbo car once you remove the 10 bolts to get enough room to remove the 2 coolant bolts beside it?

michael milligan says:

Thanks for your help on finding the video but will this work on the 2006 s40 2.5i engine

Anthony Meyer says:

Robert, I got the cam cover off my S70 that was making a consistent ticking and took a look at each hydraulic lifter to see if any are the cause. According to your hydraulic vs. solid lifter video I believe my lifters are hydraulic. What should I be looking for in these lifters that would indicate they could be bad and causing the loud ticking?

My video from earlier this year.


mark dodd says:

Do you recall where that metal pipe attached to with a non-turbo engine

jamie says:

I have an 850 with the 10 valve cylinder head can it be swapped to the 20 valve head ?

Loyce Myles says:

How to remove the intake manifold 06 Volvo S40 turbo 2.5

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