How to install a RIP (reverse intercooler pipping) kit on a Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70R, etc. – VOTD

How to install a RIP (reverse intercooler pipping) kit on a Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70R, etc. – VOTD

RIP Kit Installation: 1 to 2 hours ($300 / $450)

In this video I show how to replace the turbo pipping on a P80 Volvo. Some silicone piping are slightly undersized and may require that you wet the silicone with warm soapy water to get them to slide on to the pipes.

Why install a RIP kit:
Real life test:



Richie Rudolph says:

Hey Rob. I have a 1997 volvo v70 t5 can't seem to find this kit at all. From new Zealand do you have a spare kit I could buy?

James Morman says:

I got my RIP kit installed and a new set of spark plugs. The difference is very noticeable. I wish I had my scan gauge sooner to get before and after results. It seems to be a lot more work for an S70 compared to an 850. Had to remove transmission dipstick, battery and tray and re-route radiator hose. So I had to drain coolant. It was worth it though. Had it done in less than a day.

James Morman says:

About how long does this project take to complete? I plan on having a helper with me.

Andrew Gibson says:

Hi I have fitted rip kit from db88 but factory Air duct pipe from airbox to slam panel same as what as happened to your queen bee, how did you get round that

John O says:

FYI, S60R & V70R's boost pressure is about 15psi stock.

Michael Hummel says:

My windows in my 99 S70 aren't working. I can use the sunroof and the passenger window from the switch on the passenger door, but I cant roll down any others. Ive tried used and new master switches. Any ideas what could be the issue?

Sebastian Schwarz says:

I think it’s time to get one. Just have to get a hose for the larger throttle body.

Dylan Glover says:

Hey Robert, as always thank you for your vids which have saved me in so many ways. I have a question re: 1995 850- mechanic just replaced my oil trap and upon my getting the car back it is idling so rough it feels like it’s gonna give up, additionally it is struggling to accelerate. I will be taking it back to them to make it right but I have never experienced this kind of idling in my car until they worked on it. Any idea what they might have done?? Thank you.

850 ARE says:

Man i want one now looks damn good in there… are you going to get new intake pipe from the airbox too?

edgar pettijohn says:

Don't have turbo but I still love your videos.

James Allen says:

Great video Robert, I put this on and found the length of the silicone tube coming off the Turbo outlet … the thicker section of it … a bit short, real pain to get the clamp on straight and tight. If they added 1/2" the whole job would have been a snap. Definitely put the thick section on the over-engine pipe and completely sorted/clamped BEFORE putting the hose onto the Turbo. The other issue was, put the IAC hose onto the lower pipe first, too tight a space to get it on and clamped after it's in place.

Robert, have you noticed any sign of over-night parked condensation? Sometimes if it was humid/cool at night I find 'smoke' coming out the tail pipe for a bit, water not coolant/oil just plain water vapor. The kit has a large surface area of nice aluminum tube for condensation when cold. Never happened with stock, and no other changes made to anything other than this tubing … suddenly smoke/fog like a James Bond scene for a couple thousand yards when first heading out in the morning.

Terry Marsh says:

Morning Robert thanks for your video. I have a question not related to this I have a 98 850 Turbo and I want to know if the 2001 V70 Head will work on it and what is the cutoff year? Thanks again

Yeahbuddy King says:

Any performence diffrence ? Less lag? is it worth it? 200$?

Michael Hennessey says:

Robert, good video. This will be my next project, I am going with a rip kit mainly to replace old tubing. Was there a noticeable improvement in lag?

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