DIY: Volvo T5 C30/S40/V50/C70 Spark Plug Replacement

DIY: Volvo T5 C30/S40/V50/C70 Spark Plug Replacement

Video tutorial on how to replace the spark plugs on a Volvo 2.5L straight 5 cylinder turbo’d engine. This car I am working with here is a 2007 Volvo C30 T5, but this same engine was also used on the S40, V50, and C70 Volvo models, as well as some Ford models. A similar procedure can most likely be used on other Volvo models too. Typically worn spark plugs can cause poor performance, poor fuel economy, delayed throttle response, poor idling, flat spots along the rpm range, misfire, and poor emissions. Bosch has provided me with the parts in order to do the replacement and produce the video for everyone.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-7mm socket
-8mm socket
-10mm socket
-16mm or 5/8” deep socket
-3/8” drive ratchet
-3/8” drive 3” extension
-T30 torx bit
-clean rag
-standard screwdriver
-dielectric grease
-new spark plugs

-open the hood
-loosen the two gear clamps on the boost pipe going over the engine using a 7mm socket
-before we get ready to remove the pipe, it’s a good idea to give it a quick wipe on the outside around the connection
-remove the two 10mm bolts which holds the boost pipe in place
-one will be on the back edge of the valve cover
-the other is located on the side of the block about the transmission
-disconnect the boost pipe on the one side
-the engine cover comes out in two pieces
-the larger cover needs to be disconnected first, it has 6 T30 torx bolts
-clean the heads of the fasteners first to remove any debris which may cause stripping
-lift the cover out
-to remove the other cover above the time belt, it has 2 T30 torx bolts
-lift the cover out
-now is a good time to inspect the timing belt for any damage, if damage is found then a replacement will be required
-using a vacuum cleaner and a brush, agitate the debris and vacuum up any loose debris
-using a stand screwdriver, disconnect each of the electrical connectors going to all the coil packs
-to remove the coils, each one has one 8mm bolt that needs to be removed
-vacuum again if needed
-twist and pull up on the coils at the same time
-using a 16mm or 5/8” deep socket with a 6” extension, remove the spark plugs
-if the spark plugs are seized, slightly loosen, tighten, slightly loosen, and tighten
-continue this until the spark plug is slowly removed, this will help break the threads free so you do not damage the threads in the head or break the spark plug
-before installing the new spark plugs, ensure they are the same length by comparing the new and old spark plugs
-considering these are iridium spark plugs, they do come pre-gapped from factory and aren’t typically recommended to be adjusted as you can damage the electrode
-install the spark plugs and torque to 22ft lbs.
-apply a small amount of dielectric grease to each of the top contacts on the spark plugs
-apply more dielectric grease to the coil pack plugs
-clean the sealing surface and then reinstall the coil packs
-install the 8mm bolts
-install the electrical connectors, then ensure all the wiring is seating correctly
-install the plastic cover over the timing belt
-install the larger engine cover and then the bolts
-reinstall the boost pipe

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