VW Golf MK4 – how to remove/replace front wing video

VW Golf MK4 – how to remove/replace front wing video

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AngelEyes says:

What I love about this guy's videos are they are straight talking-no-nonsense, and no messing about. Audio is always clear, video is always shot in good light, steady and non-shaky. You are great mate.

WhiteDieselShed says:

Haynes would say simply remove 🙂 Nice and precise and useful after almost 5 years of you uploading it. Thanks
Looking howto remove the bumper now.

AquaCF69 says:

From Holland Amsterdam. A BIG thank You.

ScrewsNutsAndBolts says:

Great videos, I subscribed ! 🙂

Petrak kkh says:

How do you call on the right that black thing on the doors

Frank Howard says:

1:44. As you can see, this area collects dirt and debris. If it's not cleaned out regularly, this will be the first place to rust out.

wacka2 says:

very helpful , thanks mate

Kendog M says:

Is it the same on the polo?

Darcy C says:

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UKR69 says:

@DIY Mechanics , A huge thank you for this video. My n/s wing on my 2002 Bora was corroding really badly. I managed to source a wing from my local breakers yard. The wing was in perfect condition and had even been Tetrasealed inside by the previous owner. It took me 10 minutes to get it off as I had watched this video beforehand a few days previously. It made it easier too as the front bumper on the car at the breakers yard was hanging off on the n/s. The wing cost me £25 and a strip and respray £60. I put the wing on myself and your other video on how to remove the front bumper helped too…I only loosened one side and got the wing on and everything back as it was within 60 mins..Not bad seeing as I only usually do the bare basics on a car and have never done anything like this. You save me a heap of money. Cheers

Andris Stepiņš says:

hi, does vw golf mk4 wing suits also for seat leon mk1? anyone knows / have tried?

18TommyBoy says:

And how remove bumper and plastic cover??? Bad video

Josh H says:

Ummm that's called a fender!

Maveric073 says:

Great job!! Do you need to replace those screws?

C Richdale says:

Hi Great videos. VEry informative. Someone ripped out my blinkers, leaving wires that are too short inside the wing. In order to get to them, do i need to remove the whole wing or just the wing liner? Thanks in advance

Kwena Mokoele says:

So inspiring.Can someone helps me on how to replace VW Citi Golf 2006 model's radiator please.

fragbitero says:

can i replace it without taking off the whole bumper ?

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