Volkswagen EA888 Gen 3 Engine Diagnostics & Maintenance Guide (Mk6 GLI, Mk7 Golf, GTI, Golf R, S3,+)

Volkswagen EA888 Gen 3 Engine Diagnostics & Maintenance Guide (Mk6 GLI, Mk7 Golf, GTI, Golf R, S3,+)

►The 3rd generation VW 2.0 TSI is an evolution of Volkswagen’s TSI engine. Although they appear similar, there are numerous distinct differences between the EA888 Gen 1 and Gen 2 engines.

The EA888 goes by a few different engine codes depending on the production year: CXCA, CXCB, and DKFA. These engines are most commonly found in both the Mk7 VW GTI and Mk6 VW Jetta GLI and make between 210 and 228 horsepower, depending on the production year.

There are only a handful of common problems to look out for on the VW EA888 Gen 3 engine, such as:

Low priority:
-Spark plugs
-Updated ignition coils

High priority:
-Intake valve cleaning
-Water Pump replacement
-Air oil separator (aka PCV valve)
-Rear Main seal (if leaking, a common side effect of a failed PCV valve)

Other than those mentioned above, the only preventative maintenance you should have to do is regular oil changes. Volkswagen claims an engine oil service interval of 10,000-miles is adequate for the EA888 Gen 3; however, it has been shown that service at 5,000-miles extends the life of internal components.

If you want to read more about the Volkswagen EA888 Gen 3 engine, read the Definitive Guide To The VW EA888 Gen 3 Engine on our blog:

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00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Oil Leaks: Cam Bridge
01:30 – Oil Leaks: Timing Covers
03:02 – Oil Leaks: PCV Valve
04:20 – Oil Leaks: Rear Main Seal
05:03 – Oil Leaks: Oil Pan
06:55 – Cooling: Water Pump Assembly
09:45 – Intake Manifold
12:40 – Timing Components
16:54 – Engine Mounts
18:19 – Ignition Coils
19:32 – Thanks for Watching!


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Monaco Cross says:

scrap this wv golf

B Muns says:

My VW mechanic said those new aftermarket rear main seals look fancy but they are garbage. He had pissed off customers that got it done at other shops come to him and the 10 or so installs he did himself all failed so he had to redo them with OEM ones which cost him a lot of time and money. I would stay away from these aftermarket rear main seals. FYI

Bill McDonald says:

Thank you for this video. It’s very informative.

PotatoPlayer Made in China. says:

I got a 2.0 tsi, 18000km does fine… i dooubt will last 10 years troble free.

Felix says:

You don't need to remove the intake manifold to replace the water pump assembly, vw actually recommends not to do that

fuhrerpolizei86 says:

Watching this video is just so depressing for me as a Mk7R owner…

Warren Mundell says:

I learned to look at my engine, but to let the pros work on it. I have 2016 model.

John O'Keefe says:

Mk6 and 6.5 Jetta’s and Gli’s have a non mqb version of the gen 3 motor. Mk7 golfs gti r Jetta and glis have an mqb version of the gen 3 motor. Fueling and turbo are different between those motors for sure. Some people may not realize that with the way this video is titled.

Finnie Fox says:

Anybody with a decent brain in their head Do Not Buy VW they are JUNK !

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great video ! very helpful info, for carbon build up, would a catch can eliminate the problem?

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