Replacing VW 2.5l Vacuum Pump ~ The Easy Way

Replacing VW 2.5l Vacuum Pump ~ The Easy Way

In this video you will see how to replace the vacuum pump on 2.5l Volkswagen engines. This applies to the Jetta, Rabbit, Passat and Beetle with automatic transmissions. Leaking vacuum pumps are often mistaken for leaking rear main seals.

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Buy a new vacuum pump

Vacuum pump gasket

How the VW 2.5l vacuum pump fails

This is NOT a “by the book repair”. Please watch the entire video before starting the repair.

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Orlando Martinez says:

I used this video as a reference for installing the vacuum pump delete. Worked well.

Chris Gillespie says:

I just replaced the VP on my 2013 Passat, and this video saved me over $800 by doing it myself. Thank you! pinacho says:

Wow man you are el Macho I mean El Me4o Mero great job

Tsotne Darbaidze says:


Arnoldo Texta says:

If it starts leaking oil after everything is done does that mean I didnt place it right?

Arjun Hariharan says:

I'm located in Fredericksburg VA, need someone who can do this for me at a reasonable rate. It's a very nice detailed video but too much for someone who has not worked on cars before

D M says:

Is this for a manual transmission?

Manch Cord says:

Can anyone do this for me in the Boston area?

Joseph Deno says:

I’m having a hard time figuring exactly how that hose to the vacuum pump need to be. Does it have to be snug and tight or does it just set in there clipped in and has wiggle room

GamerKay says:

I just bought the replacement gaskets on amazon

Jack Hazz says:

Sht, I did not know what was leaking and it turns out it is the brake vacuum pump…I couldve done this myself for my 2012 Passat…. $1170 down the hole… Oh well….

sixsixST2 says:

What does this thing do and how do you know if it's bad? I'm looking at getting a 2010 Jetta with fairly low miles, just what to know what to look out for when I go look at it.

C S says:

Ahh integrity!
Was rooting for him when cartwheeling the vacuum pump over
Good teacher if not satisfying to watch

Jake Baker says:

I know this vid is 5 years old, but I did this job about a year ago and it was such a good feeling when my wife took her Jetta in for service and the vacuum pump was no longer a recommended item on their walkthrough. Thanks for the information!

Phoeff99 says:

I know this video is pretty old but I just did this repair and it went very smoothly. Wanted to say thanks. Never too late for that eh?

Woodson Butler says:

Nicely done! I need to do my 08 Jetta. This will save me $500. On a side note, I love your Colorado micro brew stickers.

Eddy Bayes says:

I just did this, my new pump has no leaks and my brakes feel great. However I can hear a slight tapping or rattle sound, it seems to be related to the cover of the vacuum pump as when I touch that area I can feel the same rhythm. Do I have a bad seal? Or dirt in my seal? Has anyone else experienced this? To be honest I'm not sure if my car had this sound before or not, its quiet but I'm hyper aware of it now

LowMan Josh says:

Would have done this myself if I knew I didn't have to drop the transmission my gfs 2012 jetta started leaking oil and 8 didn't want to touch it since everywhere I looked said I needed to drop a transmission so I was like nope not happening. Welp 1300 bucks later shoulda could a didn't.

G Guff says:

Any difference with the steps if on a manual transmission?

Franz Pattison says:

Why did you take the cover off the old one then the new one? I guess I'm wondering why not just leave the cover on when you take the pump off and leave the cover on the new one when you put it on? Also, does the vaccuum pump contain oil? There's clearly an oil leak beneath that area and it seems to be coming from the vaccuum pump but I didn't understand why a vaccuum would have oil in it lol, so I just wanted to ask you if the pump could be what is leaking that oil?

Jewwy Fooguhsun says:

How do you remove the gear selector easily on a manual

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