How To Replace VW Key and Remote for Under $100

How To Replace VW Key and Remote for Under $100

New key prices are crazy. VW has some very expensive keys, but most manufactures have keys that will cost you a lot of money. Keys are so expensive because they have to be programmed to the car as an anti-theft feature. But if you lose or damage a key, replacement is not cheap and a hassle. I found a company that will send you the cable, software, and a new key for under $100.
DISCLAIMER~ you have to give a $500 deposit on the cable. That will be refunded when the cable is returned.

Get keys and VAG-TACHO cable ~

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HumbleMechanic says:

Thanks for watching I hope this helps. So far the quality seems great. This was super easy to do, even if you have never done a key program before. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe ~

Tom Ocean says:

Hello, can I ask for help me ?
On vw t5 caravelle 2012. how to remove aux heater bottom shield? there are 7 screws / bolt. is easy but 2 screw things, screws from inside out. how to take them out?

bcredeur97 says:

Anything for a 2015 Audi A6? My dad actually has a fob for it but needs to go to dealer to get it programmed. If there’s an alternative, I’d love to know!

JUKE179r says:

I need something like this for my Land Rover.

Charles Colfax says:

Folks who have used this company/service:

Did you have any accuracy issues with them cutting the new keys using just a photograph (even high resolution)?

Robinson's Auto Diagnostics says:

That is awesome thanks for the heads up.

michael crumlett says:

Thanks for the video. While this will save me $150 on the key for my Mk5, I still have to bring the whole mess to my friendly neighborhood VW extortionist to have the key programmed. Thanks for the alternative to the $230 key from the dealer.

Jared Dyer says:

Will this work on 2013 mk6 gti?

Chasing Capsaicin says:

That code can be used to start the car with an non-chipped key using the odometer/time set interface. I keep a no chip key with the car for emergency use. Can you program the immobilizer with VCDS? I believe you can with vagcanplus the knock off software? Have not had to try it for myself yet.

Rat Rock Band says:

Can you please do a video on mk4 immobalizers!?

Patrick Dolan says:

Thank you, I Need new key shells. I tried the same gen key from a audi tt its a better shell but The Buttons Do Not Quit Work. I Have The "Crap" 1999.5 junk shell #OCDproblems. I Want To Cast a Metal One, Then My Key Wont Fall Off My Set. :

Gameking30578 says:

Doesn't work with push to start cars unfortunately

slipzombie says:

Hey this is totally off topic but recently I got a p0929 code on my Passat b7 . I looked it up and it’s the gear shift lock solenoid control circuit but I don’t have any issues with my shift knob getting out of parking or any issues with my gears shifting. I am at 60,000 ml and haven’t service the transmission. I’m not sure if I have replace it and if so, how?

Takeo Mack says:

Great video, you’ll have her like new in no time!!!

The Angry Yota Tech says:

Who in the hell thumbs downed this video?

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