How to Replace the Headliner in a VW Jetta

How to Replace the Headliner in a VW Jetta

The headliner on our 2004 MKIV VW Jetta was sagging after an especially hot summer. I replaced it. Took about six hours total. Happy with the results, but kinda wish I had taken the time to find some nice GTI plaid fabric.



Rafael Santana says:

This has been a plague on almost every car and yet the manufacturers never fix the problem.

DrCowmoon says:

Thanks for the video. How has it been holding up since you installed it?

wilbury88 says:

Hi! Good job, two uestions, how many cans of glue you used? And how much cost the glue can?. Regards from Mexico

Dorothea Henio says:

Thank you. My headliner has been sagging since forever.

Tony Jones says:

Took mine out through the trunk

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