How to replace coil packs and spark plugs | VW Passat 2.0T

How to replace coil packs and spark plugs | VW Passat 2.0T

How to replace the coil packs and spark plugs on a 2006 VW Passat 2.0T – This car was running rough, low on power, with check engine light flashing.



Audrey James says:

Thanks because of you i saved $150 in labor and was able to do it myself and Im a teenager.

benf101 says:

I replaced mine many times. It never ran quite right, even with new ones… and I went through three sets (12 total coils) over the past two years. The guys at the dealership said, "Oh yeah, it's because you're not using the genuine VW parts" blah blah blah. So, since I had no better ideas, I tried the genuine VW coils… and now it runs good again. So, moral of the story, if you're having misfires, even after getting new coils, you need factory coils. The after market ones have no business calling themselves replacement parts. They aren't.

TheRealKryptonian says:

You need the run the computer scan on your car and the check engine light will go away

max taylor says:

Evap purge is ticking probably why the check engine light is on. Does it say check gas cap once in a while? If so that's the problem

Timothy Tharp says:

Muchas gracias

Joy Road Mike says:

My 2008 Passat is doing the same I wanna replace the coil that’s bad trying to save some money I’m 17 years old instead of buying the set ? Any help please I’m trying to figure out witch coil is actually bad

Joy Road Mike says:

Thanks brother your a big help!!

Abdul Kareem says:


LaVris says:

Sooo.. what if my coil packs have oil in it? Whats the problem?

emcee evil e says:

my friends 09 passat turbo doing the same thing ima wrk on it tomorrow n check the plugs thanks gr8 vid right to the point

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