How to install flip emblem (badge) rear view camera for VW Golf Mk5, Mk6, Jetta in 27 steps

How to install flip emblem (badge) rear view camera for VW Golf Mk5, Mk6, Jetta in 27 steps

VW Golf Mk5, Mk6, Jetta flip logo (emblem, badge) rear view camera installation in 27 steps. This flip camera it can be fit for: VW Passat B6, Passat B7, Passat B8, CC, GOLF 6, Golf 7, Polo, Beetle, etc.

You can find the Flip Emblem Badge Rear View Camera Logo Trunk for VW Golf Mk5, MK6, MK7, Polo, Passat B6, B7, B8, Beetle HERE: or HERE:

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Bob Roche says:

thanks for the video! Would you be able to tell me what model Golf this video was performed on? I have my reverse camera arriving tomorrow, and am just making sure I understand the fuse layout. My car is a 2012 MK6 GTI, and am wondering if fuse 16 (as you used in this video) would also work for my model. Thanks!

John smith says:

Can you still open the boot with the emblem

rob shoulder says:

Question the flip camera for golf 2013 with RNS 315 sat & radio appears to be expensive at 500 euros , 5KO 827 469 AQ . I believe it is RGB video. Golf mark 7 flip cameras appear more numerous and cheaper but assume they cannot be used with mark 6 golfs as are different to RGB . Is this the case in that you have to stick with a specific mark 6 camera .

MM Minecraft says:

This video is very usefull

Andrej Sapik says:

On the video shows positive and negative wires is going to fuse box,where i can get this special connection for the fuse box or where is the best to connect positive and negative wires?

serbian wolf gaming says:

Can we make this at home by using original parts?

Sayful Islam says:

Hey do you have a link for the camera pls ? I’m from there UK and I owe a golf GTI mk5

M X says:

Where are you from?

Teodor Teo says:

Can be done that on a vw sharan 2012 ?

Daniel M says:

which radio unit did you use to connect the back flip camera to?

Paul Greg says:

Would that back up camera badge fit a vw polo 2010

Kareem M-H says:

@TUTORIALEAUTO thanks for the video! Do you know where I can get this done as I don’t know the first thing about car electrics! i have the emblem unit with all the parts, but I just need someone to fit it! Any help will be great – I’m based in London but happy to travel somewhere, thanks

Colt11 mitsi says:

Great tutorial, quick question, would like to do this for my mums 2005 mark 5 1.9TDI VW Golf,
will camera connect to original head unit or will I have to update head unit.
Thanks again

Luigi Prisco says:

Good evening, I bought a Fettoca rear view camera in the Vw logo to be installed on Android Auto Erisin. Despite having connected all cables as instructions. I always see black. Can you help me?

Blackpinks Velvet says:

Did the car screen have a backup camera setting or does it come up by itself when you install it

skeelo69 says:

Does this method apply for the VW Eos and will it work right off the bat if connected to the RNS 510 radio ?

Asish Pun says:

How would I know if the reverse camera will work with some head unit which had Apple car play?

Mr. Modded Potato says:

What fuse did you tap into?

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