How to Install an IS38 Turbo on a MK7 (1.8t and 2.0t)

How to Install an IS38 Turbo on a MK7 (1.8t and 2.0t)

Today we did a DIY on how to upgrade/replace your MK7 Turbo with a IS38 Golf R / Audi S3 Turbo! This video also applies to the cars listed below (with minor variation) for installing a turbo. All the parts talked about can be found in the links below, as well as other videos regarding Watsegate adaptation, downpipe installation, and coil pack removal!

Vehicles this DIY would apply to for a turbo install (with minor variation)
Volkswagen MK7 GTI 2015-2017 2.0L Turbo
Volkswagen MK7 Golf 2015-Present 1.8T TSI
Volkswagen MK7 Golf Alltrack 2017-Present 1.8 Turbo
Volkswagen MK7 Golf R 2015-2017 2.0 Turbo
Volkswagen MK7 Golf Wagon 2015-Present 1.8T TSI
Volkswagen MK7.5 Facelift GTI 2018-Present 2.0L Turbo
Volkswagen MK7.5 Facelift Golf-R 2018-Present 2.0L Turbo
Volkswagen 2018-Current Tiguan MQB 2.0L Turbo
Volkswagen Atlas 2018 – Current 2.0t
Volkswagen B7 Passat 2012-Present 1.8T TSI
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta (Facelift) 2015-2018 1.8T Gen 3
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta 2011-2014 1.8T TSI
Audi Audi A3 8V 2014-PRESENT 1.8 TFSI
Audi Audi A3 8V 2014-PRESENT 2.0 TFSI
Audi Audi S3 8V 2015-Current 2.0T
Audi Audi TT MK3 2016-Current 2.0T
Audi Audi TTS MK3 2016-Current 2.0T

Links Talked about in this video

—Parts / Tools—-
MK7 Golf R and Audi S3 (IS38) Turbo

IS38 Turbo Install/Hardware Kit

Hose Clamp Pliers

Ignition Coil Puller for Gen 3 1.8t and 2.0t Engines

Racingline MQB 2.0TSI Turbo Outlet Boost Flow Pipe

—Helpful Videos Talk About—

MK7 Golf R Revo 3″ Downpipe Installation DIY (How to)

MK7 GTI Unitronic 3″ Downpipe Installation DIY (How to)

How to Install RS7 Spark Plugs on a MK7 GTI

In the Shop Episode 2 | IS38 Turbo Upgrade on a MK7 GTI

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Felipe Lima says:

You guis are out of your mind …. 1.700 $ for and is38 ??? Wtf is that ??? Comes with 1kg of gold ???
Y bougth mine brand new for 860 euros ….
Com on 1700$$ you are crazy

Age and Treachery says:

That was the best part of Interstellar, especially the music.

Aaron Zambrano says:

Easy job. It's even easier than it was made to be in this video.

Everth Arceta says:

Wow, thank you for this video, was curious to see it done but you guys provided step by step. Thanks

sooperwill says:

YES! Thank you for this! Thanks paul!

nickolas says:

No way I am going to attempt this.

Still watched the entire video.

Nicholas Mumford says:

That’s the cleanest turbo inlet I’ve ever seen lol

aecasasus says:

Is there tunes available now for the IS38 upgrade on a 1.8?

fredy gump says:

Does that "turbo muffler delete" actually make a difference? I know the part has been around a long time, and I thought people said it doesn't make any difference…but I've seen a couple builds that throw it in.

RawdogginCowboy says:

Great video. Wish we had this video a month ago when i helped a buddy install his is38. We went to torque the mounting bolts on and snapped a bolt off in the block.

Samlap25 says:

Great video, what tune would you guys recommend for a 17 GTI with PP 6-Speed? I’m leaning towards UM $600 tune which bumps up HP/Torque a good bit. Thoughts or recommendations?

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