How To Fix EPC Light On Volkswagen VW / Audi And Save $$$

How To Fix EPC Light On Volkswagen VW / Audi And Save $$$

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How To Fix EPC Light On Volkswagen VW / Audi And Save $$$ / Volkswagen / Audi EPC Light Diagnosis

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Ivans Bikes Bmws says:


Simon Parsons says:

My Audi A3 Has the EPC and check engine light on and will not accelerate past 40 mph

mvkugler says:

Good information. But you get a Thumbs down for repeating yourself multiple times.

Ivans Bikes Bmws says:

My pleasure. Hope you get back on the road fast. I also included the video how much is the fix EPC light when injectors go bad so people can take it seriously.

Ivans Bikes Bmws says:

If anyone has any questions, please just ask.

Ivans Bikes Bmws says:

Glad to see people sharing the tips. Almost 100 000 views!

Dwayne Lewis says:

Thank you, been trying to figure out what the problem is with the EPC. Very well explained!

Ivans Bikes Bmws says:

Josh, that seems fuel and throttle body related. You have a fuel issue as possible bad fuel injector or a manifold. Based on your experience, you must have codes stored by now. Get the car scanned by a parts store and read the codes on Google, than look at your options.
Wish you luck as that is a nice motor in it.

Josh says:

I have an issue with my EPC and traction control light coming on intermittently on my VW Jetta GLI 2.8 VR6. When the EPC light comes on at first, I notice a SLIGHT uptick in my RPMS. For example, when I am idling around 700, it might increase to 8-900 immediately when that EPC light comes on along with the traction control. I also notice I have a very, very intermittent issue on the highway when I suddenly have no throttle response, then it comes back like the car is surging, then no response again, and either my car appears to go into limp mode where if I throw it into neutral, the RPMs go to zero and my battery light comes on, or if I keep my foot on the gas for long enough, it will come back to life (half the time). Please let me know if you think this is a throttle body issue or something else if you can. Subbed! 🙂

Ivans Bikes Bmws says:

I would advise you to check it out because the repairs on the EPC are very costly. At least you know what you are in for it.

Darien Naidoo says:

I have a polo 1.2 tsi and my EPC comes on daily yet nothing happens to my car I don't lose power or anything the car drives as normal so not sure what it can be?

Anwar Sadat Phd says:

Drawing board demonstration

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