Updated: Installing Toyota Tundra OEM LED Headlight Housings 2014-2018

Updated: Installing Toyota Tundra OEM LED Headlight Housings 2014-2018

Pricing and details on the Toyota Tundra OEM LED Headlight Conversion Harness: https://headlightrevolution.com/2014-2018-toyota-tundra-oem-led-headlight-conversion-harness/

OEM LED Toyota Tundra LED Headlight Housings: https://headlightrevolution.com/2014-2018-toyota-tundra-oem-bi-led-headlight-housing-pair/

UPDATED INFO at 4:29 Re-pinning the turn signal wiring if not functioning correctly.

NOTE: If your current 2014-2018 Toyota Tundra has halogen headlights with no built-in LED DRL, you’ll need a DRL harness when upgrading to the Tundra OEM Bi-LED headlight housings. The Tundra OEM LED headlight housings have a built-in LED DRL. Watch here: https://youtu.be/64lRDQi0dw4

If you Toyota Tundra did not come with the OEM LED headlights direct from the factory and you’re disappointed in the halogen light output, you are able to replace your housings and install the OEM LED ones. In this video, Chris from Headlight Revolution talks about the differences between the OEM LED and OEM halogen Tundra headlight housings, and show you how to do the OEM LED install yourself. All you’ll need is a new pair of Tundra LED headlight housings and the 2014 – 2018 Toyota Tundra OEM LED Headlight Conversion Harness linked above. These Tundra OED LED headlight housings not only look way better, they are way brighter! Check out the Lux comparisons:

460 lux low beam halogen
1100 lux low beam LED

515 Lux high beam halogen
2400 Lux high beam LED

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Giovanni Louis says:

I love this I want to put on my 2016 tundra I I wish there was a shop in denver that I can go and buy them and have them installed professional

Lee Dye says:

Best lighting upgrade on the 3rd gen Tundra. High improvement over stock halogen, and nothing touches the high beams for mountain driving. Add in Toyota reliability and this is the go-to lighting upgrade.

Bassem Girgis says:

Dose this fits 2020 model?

Joshua Wood says:

I installed these recently on my 2016 limited that did not have DRLs. Is there a way to not have the amber drl (turn signals) on all the time? I like the look without them on, just the LED DRLs.

Ricardo Tolay says:

I recently purchased the black out headlight and they are no where near as bright as it shows in the video did you guys modified the led low beams?

Daryl Castro says:

How come the sr5 2018+ only have the led outline in the lower half. Is the whole led illumination on higher end models?

Corey Allen says:

Have mine apart as we speak and thought I had everything needed with both H126 and the H126.1 harnesses. Everything was going great till I got to the plug in of headlight. I ordered the Auxbeam H4 LED headlights and now have a connection issue from your harness to the new bulbs. I believe I'm missing a H4 connection piece of some kind between new bulb and your harness. Anybody know what it is I'm missing before calling???

John Martin says:

I think the mean 14-17 not 2018. In 2018 they started using led DRLs on the sr5. So No harness necessary

Ed Mejia says:

I just got oem LED and harness.its working Like a charl! Great detailed video! I suggest making a video of the front turn signal LED upgrade with the equalizing resistors for the Tundra.

MrKfcflores says:

I just bought the headlights, conversion harness and drl adapter. 17 limited. I was told I will have to use the add a fuse to an ignition slot in the fuse box by battery. Does that sound correct?

Kono Jackson says:

I cant find the 4 pin power harness

Gerardo Rodriguez says:

I just got the Morimoto Harness from you guys. thank you! It was smooth sailing after I watched this video a couple times. I need to get rid of that turn signal now lol what GTR armour series do you recommend for the swap?

Snooster17 says:

I have a 2019 tundra with the LED light strip on the bottom of the headlight and halogen lightbulbs. I want to get the LED OEM Housing with lights. What other equipment would i need?

Jimmie G says:

i have these lights from factory but what bulbs can i upgrade to further up the lighting output???

Jaime Leon says:

Even though it took a month and a half for them to come in ( because of a dysfunctional part) I think it was worth it.
Next mod for my tundra is the NSV Light bar !

The Hungry Hunter says:

Wow I just looked at the cost of the LED headlights and about crapped my pants lol I think I can see just fine with the crappy ones that came with it lol

joe scott says:

I just did this upgrade to my 2020 sr5 crewmax. 2 things that differ are the plug in the grill for the safety sense needs to be disconnected/ reconnected and there's no need to repin the turn signal as the plug is sealed in the 3rd slot so I just plugged in the 2 pin factory plug and it worked with no issues to report.


Where is the link to purchase the led turn signal? I already have the stock LED headlights that came on my 2019

Zak Herrin says:

Curious to see if the new GTR Lighting Ultra 2 led bulb would offer more output and/or alter the beam pattern!! Please test this for us!!!

Vlad C says:

How do you get the low beam to stay on with the high?

sandor hajdu says:

Just installed yesterday on my 2017 Platinum and the turn signal went crazy , it’s blinking rapidly just like when a bulb is missing. Did anybody experienced this?

Vlad C says:

In the factory halogen headlamp the low beam and high beam are the same bulb so the low beam turns off when the high beam is on. Does this harness bypass that and allow the low beam to be on while high beam is in use?

OneNation 77 says:

Love your detail video..Thanks you

Ben Hutchinson says:

Why do you say the stock headlight produces 460 lux in this video, but 610 lux in your V.4 LED Headlight video?

Brandon Noir says:

I just installed these headlights on my 2014 Tundra and I was wondering if Led switchbacks would work with these headlights?

Robert Cartwright says:

Do these work on 2019 models?

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