Toyota Camry ROUGH Idle and no power while accelerating √ Fix it Angel

Toyota Camry ROUGH Idle and no power while accelerating √ Fix it Angel

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Toyota Camry 2.4L inline 4 cylinder.
My wife’s 2004 Toyota Camry. Replaced the ignition coil pack on #4 cylinder because it was causing a misfire. The car was running rough and struggling to accelerate. I also replaced the spark plugs because I felt it needed it. Besides, I want to see how long Bosch spark plugs would last.
Thank you MJ for the hat. I really appreciate it.

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coil pack
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3/8 dr. cordless impact
Deep socket set
Paint Marker
Anti-seize Lubricant
Spark plug socket
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Nick fararis says:

Sorry for your loss , good to see new videos stay safe all

marcos pazmino says:

I pray for end of COVID-19….. everyday

soufyen bouzakher says:

Why you didn't put Toyota genuine ignition coil?

BlueDrive Diagnostics says:

@19:30, nice hat.

Tony S. says:

Great video as always. Sorry for your loss and the bad luck afterwards but it’ll get better. Stay home and stay safe brother

Στελιος Βασιλειαδης says:

You got your payment at the end of a kiss

shawn gaming says:

U should buy 1 trailer

o0oitzJimmy says:

Just a question from a avid diyer. Wouldn’t it be better to change all the coils instead of just 1?

Damien Bell says:

Yup yup. That’s how u do it like a boss. Great video. Wow. Sounds like my life since December,someone hit me slip L3 got flu 2 different times then haven’t been working for 4 weeks,,,,,,, glad u r in great health and family. God bless. Your daughter is funny. Miss my 2 daughters that age group

Ibrahim Saleh says:

We are sorry for your lost. Keep safe man.

CravinMorehead420 says:

Repaired it so fast she didn't even know. Rest In Paradise, Ador. God bless you all..

TinyTim says:

Dude, you could have fixed that in the parking lot. Stay safe!

emanuel vitolio says:

Awesome, blessings from new Zealand.

dximproved says:

Im trying to replace my spark plugs on my ncp42 vios first model, i may be follow your guide to do it…thanks fix it angel for the video..

420smkaj says:

Had this happen to my '02 recently. 320k miles on it. If you haven't replaced the others, I would recommend getting a 4 pack online and just replacing them all. A second one failed on Mine about a half year later and I had more time, so it was like 85$ for the pack instead of like the first time was 90$ for one.

Cheyenne Hayslett says:

Hope to see more videos and hope u and ur family stay clean from this virus that's good u and your family is doing good

shivam220 says:

Hey angel I have a question that I need help with. So my CYL 3 coilpack was bad so i replaced it on my 09 corolla 1.8L. But when i checked it few weeks later to see if there was any leaks from the sparkplug tube gaskets because I also replaced those, I couldnt get the new coil pack out. Its stuck. I did add dieletric grease before hand. How can I remove this stuck brand new coil pack? Please help! Appreciate it. (Also, no leaks in the other 3 cyl tube holes, so I did a good job replacing the gaskets haha)

Sanya Loginoff says:

Well done man.

Sir Sweetness says:

How much did you charge her?

m l says:

only denso or ngk for plugs!

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