Toyota 3.0 4Runner/Pickup Starter Replacement (EP 44) // 3.Slow Gang

Toyota 3.0 4Runner/Pickup Starter Replacement (EP 44) // 3.Slow Gang

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Fisherman1ATX says:

Good stuff man! Something different for sure. Would you show us how you gonna fix that rusty part on the roof? I think that would be cool

J Dubs says:

Great video. Very informative.
Regarding the 3.Slow series, I get it. It's hard logistically. I'll still sub and watch as long as you guys keep putting out great tutorials and the occasional off-road/ mudding/ road trip videos.
Do what makes sense for you guys

Brendan Armstrong says:

Does this truck have a body lift? It is waaaay tighter if you don't. Took me 20mins of swearing and yanking to get mine out lol

Ava Aviles says:

Very good video i like how you do the step by step. But i wanna see that white 85 runner rock crawling lol

Elias Reyes Jr says:

sun roof drain tubes clogged?

andysfishservice says:

A lot of time its not the starter but the voltage is to low by the time it hits the starter, there is a fix for this.

Luke Keene says:

More please!!!!!!

Matt Salgado says:

Love the channel keep up the repairs and modify videos.

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