Toyota 22RE Engine Replacement (Part 2)

Toyota 22RE Engine Replacement (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this 3 part video series, we show you how to strip down your old 22RE Engine and build up your New Rebuilt 22RE Engine. The vehicle used for this video series is Timmy’s 85 4runner.

**This video was filmed on location at Yota1 Performance in Riverbank, CA. Yota1 Performance is the company that supplied the rebuilt 22RE engine for this video series. They build excellent engines and we highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a rebuilt engine or in the need of their expert Toyota Service and/or Parts Capabilities.
(209) 869-6821

2641 Patterson Road, Riverbank, CA 95367

**Yota1 Performance 22RE 2.4L Rebuilt Stage 1 Toyota Engine

**Yota1 Performance is offering a 5% discount to Timmy the Toolman fans. Use Discount Code:

**If you don’t see a tool you need listed below, here’s a master copy of Timmy’s suggested tools:

*Milwaukee M12 3/8” Cordless Ratchet – (Helps a lot to speed up the removal of fasteners)

*Milwaukee M12 3/8” Cordless Extended Reach Ratchet – (More power and reach than the smaller version of this ratchet)

*Milwaukee Cordless Drill – (used to remove kick panel cover for access to vehicle ECU)

*Milwaukee M12 Batteries (2 Pack)

*Milwaukee M12 High Capacity Battery

*Milwaukee M12 Battery Charger

*3/8” Drive Regular Extension Set

*3/8″ Drive 6 Point Metric Standard Socket Set

*3/8″ Drive 6 Point Metric Deep Socket Set

*Flex Head Box End Wrench Set – (Flex heads wrenches improve access to fasteners and also help you remove and install fasteners much quicker)

*Long Set of Ratcheting Box End Wrenches – (These give you much more leverage for higher torqued or stuck fasteners)

*Adjustable Spark Plug Wire Puller – (Nice tool for pulling spark plug boots off spark plugs)

*Small Pick Tool Set – (used to help separate smaller hoses from fittings)

*Hose Remover Set – (used to help separate heater and radiator coolant hoses)

*3/8” Drive Locking Impact Extension 33” Long – (Helps to access hard to reach fasteners)

*1/2” Drive Locking Impact Extension 24” Long (They did use to sell a 31” version of this extension as well. Long 1/2″ extensions like this help you remove bell housing bolts.)

*1/2” Drive Universal Impact Socket Set (Built-in Swivel Function)
– (These improve your chances to get onto hard to reach fasteners)

*3/8” Drive Universal Impact Socket Set (Built-in Swivel Function) – (Same as above)

*Dewalt 1/2″ Drive Impact Gun – (Used to remove larger fasteners with ease)

*Dewalt 3/8″ Impact Gun – (Used to remove smaller fasteners with ease)

*Dewalt Batteries

*Dewalt Battery Charger

*3/8″ Drive Wobble Impact Extension Set – (Wobble extensions give you a better chance to get onto fasteners that you don’t exactly have a straight shot at. They give you a little bit of swivel capability)

*3/8″ Drive Regular Impact Extension Set

*Ratchet Straps – (used to support transmission while engine is out)

*Harbor Freight 2 Ton Engine Hoist – (Used to lift motor out of engine compartment)

*Harbor Freight 2 Ton Load Leveler (You connect this to the engine hoist and it assists you to get the proper angle for engine separation and reinstallation.)

*Harbor Freight 2 Ton Engine Stand – (Used to support engine while you’re working on it)

*OTC Long Prybar Set – (Good when you need lots of prying force)

*Mayhew 5 Piece Prybar Set – (Great set with various lengths)

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T. Ryan says:

Great job on this series, guys. I am using it to prepare for a swap in the near future. Thanks!

Austin Park says:

Hi Timmy. I have a 97 4Runner and wanted know if you could do a video of all the grease points that I should be concerned about. Appreciate it!

Justin Barilar says:

Installed my rebuilt 22RE from Yota1 in June of 2020 in my 1985 4Runner. Great company to work with, 10k trouble free miles thus far! This video would have helped me a lot last year but really glad someone is doing a soup-to-nuts 22RE swap video. The cell phone videos from circa 2005 don't really cut it! Thanks Tim and Yota1!

Roberto Alvarez says:

Cuando ponen 3 parte

Santar says:

Holy smoke!! I thought I knew a lot about my 22RE. You guys are Super Heroes. Great job!! Can't wait to see you fire your Toy up.

Bret Berger says:

Mike up my dudes. Too echoy. Beautiful engine.

dcabinet says:

This is great. I really wish I had a Yota1 on the East Coast. You all have many great Toyota resources out in Cali.

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