This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer Out of $10,000

This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer Out of $10,000

This Toyota Dealership Scammed My Customer, Here’s How Toyota Dealership are Scamming You, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car scams caught. Dealership scams to avoid. The truth about Toyota car dealerships. Car dealership scams. Should I bring my car to the dealership? Why not to buy a car from the dealership. Buying a car at the dealership. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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misperros16 says:

Sterling Mccall Toyota?

Boostang says:

Only way to win at a stealership ship is to do your homework on the vehicle you want, stick to a fair price you are willing to pay and either pay in cash or bring in your own finance company. If they dont want to meet your price then walk away, 9 out of 10 times they call you back to settle on your terms.

gerri levin says:

@ :57 above barcode

Chris says:

another thing they try to do is charge you more than the price on the car. in my case it was $500 but I caught it,
and the contract was corrected. take a picture of the price on the car when you go in to cut the deal.

dnfwme says:

Last month Acura dealership did the same thing and charged me 3000 more.

enb2002 says:

The dealership in question (Toyota of Alvin) had 1.6/5 stars on DealerRater from about 200 reviews at the time I watched this video (2/21/2020), and the newest review was written about a month before this video was released. I read some of the reviews, and I highly recommend you read them yourself, but a lot of other people reported similar experiences to the woman featured in the video. She's not the first person to get scammed at this dealership, and unfortunately she probably won't be the last.


Edgar Monroy says:

Scotty. What's the name of the Dealership? It will be good to know.

Tim M. Bradley says:

Sorry, but no.

You ALWAYS read the contracts and never trust the verbal. Salesmen are allowed to lie and basically this is seen as fluff. Keep to cars and not legal crap, Scotty.

Oh btw, you secretly record in CA … then you just committed a crime. CA requires two party consent for recording.

Bad, Bad Bad legal advice. Nice intentions. But nice intentions won't mean anything in court.

k.v says:

The dealership never likes me because I gave them the price for the car not them given me the car for the price.

Dodo M says:

How about revenge? I'm sure she has some young family members, to pay a visit to this guy's house… have a little talk

Bert says:

Unpopular opinion. Has anyone asked how it's possible that a 31,000 truck minus 11,000 on trade in equal to over 60,000 dollars. Seems like the whole story isn't being told and the lady probably had tons of negative equity on her trade in and horrible credit (higher interest rate). Besides that, what bank would loan 60,000 dollars on a Toyota Tacoma??? Honestly seems like this more the customer's fault for not doing proper research and math. If that's not the case, Toyota of Alvin should be ashamed but that makes no sense whatsoever.

H. V says:

How the hell do you sign anything and don’t read it? Also in today’s age, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

Johnny Tekstar says:

I'm from "SHITCAGO" the place where rip off artists wind up having fatal accidents. LOL

Mr_Mike_S says:

Who takes advantage of sweet trusting customers like this?! THEY DO.

BUT, who helps SWEET TRUSTING CUSTOMERS across the street (of car ripoff deceit?! SCOTTY! The Boy Scouts may be bankrupt, but Scotty ain't!!

Gerald Fischer says:

Did that say Toyota in Alvin Texas?

JJop123 says:

hmmm, so basically….she didn't do her own due diligence? I'm confused here. The dealer wouldn't have ripped her off if she was paying attention. And just signing things without reading it? Yeah, dealer was scummy but still…you can't blame someone else for your own carelessness

Retired Early 53 says:

Never ever Trust Car SALESPEOPLE in any country !!!!! Every word they say is a lie !!!!!!!!

Brian L says:

"Toyota of Alvin Texas! Screw you!"

ruzzell907 says:

Why I hate these dealership franchises. They ruin the brands they're selling.

Thomas Haas says:

I can't stand people who want to act like a victim. You signed a document disclosing the ACTUAL price. You failed to review and question it. Even if they told the truth, who makes a $31k purchase and doesn't look at everything they're signing and scrutinize it? She's not a victim.

Steve's Bees says:

Sadly, I've reached the point that I hardly trust anyone anymore…except Scotty…

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