This is the most important maintenance on your Toyota Sienna Hybrid!

This is the most important maintenance on your Toyota Sienna Hybrid!

This is the most important Maintenance on any Toyota hybrid! A Toyota master diagnostic technician shows you step by step how to replace the newest Toyota Sienna Hybrid battery fan filters.

Starting off my first videos on the awesome Toyota Sienna Hybrid. A much requested video from my awesome viewers is how to service the high voltage hybrid battery filters on your Toyota sienna Hybrid!

This is a very simple process that I encourage everyone to do themselves even if you are not mechanically inclined! And not only will you save money doing this, It will prolong the life of your expensive hybrid battery.

The part numbers for the filters are:

Driver’s Side: G92DJ-45010
Passenger side : G92DH-45010

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Fred Read says:

Thanks. so simple and so important. I have a gen 3 Prius and went to Toyota and bought a filter for the battery fan vent. It is NOT stock with the cars. There is a vent grill but NO filter. When I ordered it (they didn’t have any ). But I made them look it up and “oh yes, there is one and it’s $14.95 (if I remember correctly). And after 10 second installation job, I am now protecting my 2011 Prius fan system. So simple, so cheap. And the dealers don’t even know about them. THANKS.

Soccer Dad says:

Hi Brother! The common stuff I hear about 2021 Sienna is long stopping distances and loud gasoline engine noise. Would love to hear your experience, which in my book is the real deal! Thanks!

Malik says:

what about camry xle hybrid

flagmichael says:

It is rather disturbing that we are not hearing about the importance of cleaning hybrid battery filters from other sources. I never knew until you told us about them. When I looked at the one in our 2014 Prius I thought, "good – the filter does not have much dirt on the fiber mat." When I watched your video I understood there is no fiber mat – it was a mat of dog hair! You also gave us the number of the external filter that is a snap to clean.

Alex B says:

Thanks Ahmed. A good buddy of mine just got one. I will definitely recommend he watches this video as this is super easy to do and will extend the life of his battery.

Digital Tog says:

gotta look into my 2021 ES hybrid — know if it has a filter? i assume it does since it’s the same powertrain as this sienna. haven’t bothered to look. guess i’ll do that tomorrow!

Neoklis Neofytou says:

Very nice video. short and to the point. I have an NX300h. Having a small child and a dog on the back seat, and leaving in a hot country, I am very worried about the battery filter. anyone knows how that is cleaned or replaced? vents seem to be fixed and not removable.

Eric Gosselin says:

Hey AMD, thank you for the video, great information here. Can you make a video with a highlander hybrid 2020-2021, does the filter is the same as this one ? Thank you for you great work, keep it up 🙂

Z Z says:

Great video!! I called the dealer but they do not have the driver side of the filter and says Toyota changed the parts number. They can order the passenger side one. Also I noticed that one of the rear bumper sensor got loose, is it common? thx


Thank you for the video!

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