The Real Story Behind How Our New Tacoma Broke & How Toyota Plans To Fix Yours!

The Real Story Behind How Our New Tacoma Broke & How Toyota Plans To Fix Yours!

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our TFLstudios content, from news to videos and our podcasts! After our 2024 Toyota Tacoma broke on the trail three months ago, Roman has a detailed conversation with chief engineer Sheldon Brown about what went wrong and what Toyota’s doing to correct the issue.

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@Nick-jg9ck says:

If it was anybody else they would have denied warranty and said you abused it.

@AmericaFirstKorey says:

Sounds like they need to beef up the drivetrain substantially. No, differentials don't explode and axles don't just 'snap' at 2,500-RPM off road with light wheel spin.

@user-cg7cc7zj3e says:

It isn't the only new Tacoma that has mysteriously broken. The quality has dropped a lot in just fit and finish alone. The body panel gaps are horrendous.

@Deuceblank says:

Tacoma isn't the same anymore. Not as reliable and more complicated electronics that are not useful

@erichrogers4856 says:

Kinda makes me sad. I had. “Toyota Sport Truck” before they called em Tacomas and that thing lasted forever. I took it off road hunting beat it off trees and rocks and it kept on going. Finally sold it to a friend to get a Tundra in 04 and again in 14 and don’t regret either of those purchases. Probably won’t be getting a newer Toyota any time soon though. All vehicles are way to expensive and in the age of energy efficiency they all seemed to loose a step.

@patriot0971 says:

I have been hearing that new Toyotas are not very reliable.

@gopnick says:

This doesn’t bother me at all. The new engine is powerful and they’re going to be learning where all the sloppy software is. I know some will see this as nerfing the truck, but the reason it’s showing up is that the truck is so much more powerful.

What scares me is the transmission comment. He kept slipping up on that, as if his mind was on it. Time will tell if that means something…

@i_run_far1132 says:

Basically non OEM size tires and you’re paying for that differential. Thanks Toyota.

@thevanmancan4850 says:

This was a lot more enjoyable than the US presidential debate.

@victorrice4589 says:

Savagegeese really took a shot at you guys saying that Toyota had to update their software to further idiot proof the truck so customers wouldn’t break it.

@27Zangle says:

Man the answer is not good. I really like these new Tacomas and my wife likes them as well. Oh well, I bet the Ranger or GM mid-size trucks are going to be way more reliable. I wonder if the general public will learn of this and the Tacoma resale value of the new gen tanks?

@1970HondaCL100 says:

Excuses. Toyota should over-engineer vehicles to avoid this.

@WeWuzKangzNsheeet says:

None of us will get this level of customer service from Toyota…,

@David-nx2vm says:

Regardless of what you think of Gordon’s tone or TFL’s relationship with Toyota, just a review of the comments should be setting off alarm bells at Toyota. Customers are losing confidence in Toyota quality and engineering — their stock in trade for decades. Once that confidence is gone, good luck getting it back.

@williammenchen7562 says:

“B S”, dump it!

@danejohnson8430 says:

Toyota has changed their models with the SUVs and trucks. And with that change comes $$$ signs. Now with these new changes, new problems. So bottom line if you don’t treat each new generation Toyotas like China glass, then it will w/o a doubt, crack. Good luck.

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