Sway Bar Link Replacement – Toyota / Lexus

Sway Bar Link Replacement – Toyota /  Lexus

Here’s how to replace a sway bar linkage on a Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

Procedure is similar for other domestic and import vehicles as well.

The stabilizer link ties the strut to the stabilizer bar, which acts as a torsion beam to reduce body roll during cornering. On many older Toyota and Lexus vehicles, a worn stabilizer link is a common cause of rear suspension clunks when you drive over bumps.

The link is connected via a small ball joint and a boot. If the boot is ripped, or after high mileage, dirt and debris can get in and degrade the ball joint, causing it to be loose. While it”s not a direct safety issue if the bar fails, its characteristic clunking will require addressing if you desire sane ride quality.

The ball joint on the sway bar is held by a 14mm nut and a shaft to be held with a hex key. It’s common for the hex key hole to strip out, leaving you to either use vise grips to grip the shaft of the ball joint stud while removing the nut or cut the link off altogether.

The replacement stabilizer bar link is made in China for a Canadian company, Mevotech, model MK90345. It will fit Lexus ES300, ES330 and ES350, RX330, RX350, ES300H, RX400H as well as Toyota Camry, Highlander, Avalon, Venza and Solara.

Zerk fittings are included with the link and are to be installed and greased when put into service. Use a lithium or high temperature wheel bearing grease in a grease gun.

The Mevotech stabilizer linkage does not have a hex hole in the stud, instead it uses two nuts to be tightened against each other with wrenches, avoiding the stripping problem of the OEM link units.

Be sure both wheels are off the ground when replacing so no tension is on the stabilizer link or bar.



Chris Jones says:

Dude, right on with the video. Clear, succinct and to the point. Thank you.

ThePariss333 says:

Why my car has 109500 miles and Still Perfect ?  How many miles had your when this Happen ?

theAnalyst says:

great video with perfect instructions

Harry Balls says:

MOOG versions are stout.

Rasputin 883 says:

See now, you use antiseize and others use loktite.

Rasputin 883 says:

On my Lexus IS300, the links are connected to the sway bar, not the strut. …Why is it that every video I watch, everyone has Mevotech parts that come with fittings and mine never do? lol I wonder if it's where people get the parts from. I get mine from RockAuto.

razz P says:

Does it matter if you grease the end links before or after their installation?

razz P says:

I bought some Mystik® JT-6® Hi-Temp Grease #2, can it be used for ball joints a suspension parts? Have one grease gun and want a multi-purpose grease.

Nguoi bi Mat says:

can this stabilize end link cause death wobble on a 1998 toyota 4runner?

Paul Gore says:

Great tutorial. Good angles and in focus. Super narration as well.

Javier Hernandez says:

Does the sway bar link come with grease nipple?

Pube83 says:

Hi there, I have an ES300 and am about to refurb the entire suspension (well, everything that's worn): KYB struts, lower arms, BJ's, outer tie, sway bushings and end links.

I spent more than I wanted to for the KYBs, BJ's, and outer tie rods…so I bought cheap Chinese 2 for $20 end links for the rear, and they're nice and stiff.

I bought AC Delco (GM garbage, I know) front end links on Amazon ($15/each) as they seemed to be the only ones with reviews…and they're incredibly loose, virtually no resistance anywhere on both ends. Now, I haven't taken the old ones off yet so I can't compare, but the cheap PartsW links for the rear are very stiff compared to these ACDelco front links. Should I send them back and get something else?
I read Beck Arnley is closest to OEM quality for Lexus replacements and I ordered their tie rod ends since it's a steering component. The Beck Arnley front links are $30/each! Should I fork it out?

mohd. haziq says:

I have camry ce 2007. Which brand sway bars will be good ? Suggestions requested

Dario Gomez says:

I hear a lot of clunking over bumps and but there is no clunking if I press the brakes when I go over a bump. what could that be?

jiaxing sun says:

change the link can significantly reduce the body roll ?

xseedlingx says:

Awesome, need to do this on my 99 Camry!

Blah Blah says:

Hey great video – how long should the sway bar link last? I live in an undeveloped country with a lot of bad roads and one talked to one mechanic and he told me they need to be replaced every four months (because they use $20 cheap parts from China)?! What's like a normal lifetime?

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