Shock Explodes During Toyota Tacoma Suspension Install

Shock Explodes During Toyota Tacoma Suspension Install

Not Clickbait! It happened.

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Tacomaholic says:

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Pete Quinones says:

I prefer to use spring compressor that compresses two sides of spring rather than one. Think vibration unscrewed shaft from the Piston and just needed that extra separation to release the pressure. If it came loose after it was already removed it could've been bad. Luckily it happened while still under shock tower.

Hans Birkeland says:

Never seen a shock break like that

camronbay says:

Please use safety equipment. Eyes will not grow back. Glad no one got hurt.

Y K says:

I’m glad nobody was injured. If i was a Democrat I know who I will blame why the shock exploded!

Anthony Vu says:

What’s that blue thing by your shocks?

John B. says:

Was this the first time you tinkered with that shock? Time to go dig through the youtube and find a video to explain how the inside of the shocks are connected…

My thought without any other knowledge is it got spun before it was installed and over time it worked its way free inside the tub….

John B. says:

What spring compressor is that?

Joe Cool112 says:

Damn dude. Glad that neither of yall got hurt.

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