Rear Shock Absorber Replacement on a 2012 4WD 4Cyl. Toyota RAV4

Rear Shock Absorber Replacement on a 2012 4WD 4Cyl. Toyota RAV4

DIY video for replacing rear shocks #shocks #rav4 #toyota #diy #mechanic



Blass says:

Good job girl

Dave Hayden says:

Good video. Sound was hard to hear. Do you need to have a wheel alignment done after replacing the shocks?

Andy G says:

Awesome video lady. Learnt a lot from you.

Robert Biddy says:

My top nut is rusted on pretty bad, sprayed it and still cant get the nut to budge. Don't want to round it, would heat be the best in this situation?

proud_asian_newyorker says:

Only put jacks under strong parts of the car. Like the frame.

TheMarpalm says:

Just got done with this job. Huge thanks it was very helpful!

unknowna1 says:

Thanks for this. It's too bad the wind was so strong sometimes but I was still able to follow.

Dave Bukowski says:

Perhaps replacing the lower bolt front to back will save the job of having to remove the lower bracket the next time the shock needs to be replaced…just a thought.

eric hctransportation says:

Thanks for the video I save money and time

Bridgette Perdue says:

Thank you for the video! What brand of shocks did you buy? Besides the shock absorber, are there any other parts you will need to complete the replacement?

Cowri says:

Thank you very much! These are the best instructions on how to change the rear shocks on a Rav4 Gen.III.

Kin Wong says:

How many shock bracket bolt on each side " under the shock bracket"

Dził Ba Hadadolgháásh says:

What is the psi for the bolts? I don’t have an air tool, but I do have a torque wrench.

adam smith says:

One other suggestion: On my Focus I never used to do this, but the one day I happened to put the tire under the body of the car was the one day I knocked the jack-stand over trying to get a caliper bolt off (I wound up giving up after that and going to the shop with it). Had that wheel not been there the car would've at the very least crushed one of my legs. The Rav4 is much bigger so I definitely remember to put the tire under the Rav when I work on it. I also use two jack stands, not one, just in case.

adam smith says:

It just occurred to me watching this again: for the lower bolt, why not just cut it off? Like with a Dremel, or similar tool, maybe an angle grinder or something. And putting the new bolt back you can just put it on in the way that Toyota should have done it but didn't.

Adam Kusz says:

Question: what are the signs of rear shock absorber going bad? I own 2011 rav4 and I just realized that I have rattling noise in the back and knocking. Is this the shock absorber?

joesgarage618 says:

Why didn't  (or should you ?), torque the shock bolts ?

@DarthFurby says:

Very helpful video! Thanx 🙂

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