quick fix RETURN hose POWER STEERING toyota MATRIX Corolla √ Fix it Angel

quick fix RETURN hose POWER STEERING  toyota MATRIX Corolla √ Fix it Angel

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2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Toyota Matrix Corolla
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Replaced the power steering return hose on a 2004 toyota matrix by using a longer hose and looped to have a U bend, like a 180° elbow hose.
rubber hose was installed on 2013, just early last year, 2019 and there is still no leaks.
Why did i wrap the hose like that you question? here is why.
It will kink if you use a regular hose. It won’t be a “U” bend. Instead it will be a “V” bend and cut fluid from going back to the reservoir.

3/8″ hose https://amzn.to/3lvG71U
hose clamps https://amzn.to/2GSpHBM
long nose pliers set https://amzn.to/33PKCOT
pinch off pliers set https://amzn.to/3dhO7AK

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TheDieseltech2 says:

Why can’t I find your email address on here.

Юра Рыбаков says:

like definitely!!!

loykaloy19 says:

More videos sir, chrisfix of ph

Juan Arce says:

Cool, I just fix my neighbor 04' corolla at the same issue, but I just replaced the old clamps with worm clamps, that hose brand is very good and now is a big Anaconda ready to attack Lol!!, thanks Angel to keep teaching and updating us with your videos, God bless you and your family

Francisco Salas says:

Brother I feel like driving my Camry from California to Nevada so you can work on it. These mechanic out here are a bunch of crooks. Keep up the good work

Alejandro Martinez says:

I’m running out of videos to watch. what is the delay with putting new videos? I have seeing every single video you have.

RareDiamond Ching says:

ps fluid??? Not Dexron 3 ATF?

Jeffrey Bass says:

Personally, I'd be using transmission rated hose. PS fluid is more like transmission fluid than anything else. And many cars actually call for trans fluid in their p/s systems.

d mccarty says:

sweet fix!! i got or had the same problem on my camry so i put a hose clamp behind the factory clamp and it seemed to stop the major leak but it still not completely stoped so i may try this..thanks man

KenLyns says:

Does it matter if you use power steering fluid or Dexron 3?

tractor man TP says:

Looks like a great fix to me also no problem with that that’s the way all the hoses used to be put on remember? Good job

Juan Roman says:

Hi there! Is it possible to mix different P/S fluids? My rav4 turns good to one side but it is rough to the other one, can you explain me what i should do please? Your videos have been very helpful to me, thanks for all your efforts!! God bless!!

Fix It Angel says:

for those who do not understand why i looped the hose like.
It will kink if you use a regular hose. It won’t be a “U” bend. Instead it will be a “V” bend and would restrict fluid from going back to the reservoir. Believe me. I've tried. IT IS THE WAY.

Jose Marmolejo says:

I don't understand why you wrapped the hose instead of just measuring and cutting it

Vince and Theresa says:

Good repeat customer 🙂

Francois Dupont says:

why did you wrap like anaconda? instead of a simple turn? no space?

Gary Zhang says:

A simple fix had years of experience behind it. The circular loop is clever! He called it “temporary” fix so folks wouldn't pick on him for not using PS hose. In reality the difference between low pressure fuel and PS lines is small and he proved it by showing no leaks over three years. When the PS fluid were low and its temperature went above 260F, it might show a difference over time.

MiruMir says:

dear friend hello. I have been driving my highlandere for 18 years. nothing breaks. Why do your friends have toyotas breaking?

Shangkun Xiao says:

That looks like a permanent fix for me. Good job. Angel!

Dina Muthana says:

i see this very best idea

German Fernandez says:

Dear Angel my accord 07 is bubles y just change orrings at hoses but the bubles continue help me plis.Any sugerenci? Tanks.

jirojoseph esman says:

Do you have the video for the a.c thank you


i always learned something everytime you posted new video. Thanks GodBless idol

jirojoseph esman says:

Great video…thank you have a blessed day and be blessed

Chazz Ram says:

You used the proper hose for the PS… cause not all hoses sre crested equal…

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