I Have to Admit, This Honda is Better Than a Toyota

I Have to Admit, This Honda is Better Than a Toyota

Honda review. Here’s Why Honda is Better Than Toyota, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Honda vs Toyota, which is better? Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla. Toyota car review. Honda car review. Is Honda better than Toyota? Are Honda Civics reliable cars? Are Honda Civics good cars? Are Honda Civics worth buying? Are Toyotas good cars? Are Toyota reliable? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

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Avinash Lewis says:

my brother got the same jeep you were talking about was forcing me to buy that, your advice saved me a ton of asprins, im happy with Suzuki swift ZDi for now

EarnestJ says:

I have a 2005 Civic VP: no abs, no cruise, crank windows, stick shift with 320k miles on it. LOVE the simple little 1.7L sohc engine and how cheap/easy repairs and maintenance are. I plan on having it for another 300k.

welltell says:

Scotty "IS it a toyota or honda?"
"No!!!" "get ride of it right now its a pile of junk."

Goose says:

hehe I bought one 2 months ago

Javier Marin Munoz says:

I love my 2003 Honda Civic Ex

C Morris says:

Scotty do you think a civic type r could really be a daily driver? Putting 15k out more miles a year on?

earthsteward9 says:

Honda Civics have huge trunks

darkalligator says:

The yellow house should be a museum.

76 says:

My first car was a 95 civic manual. Great car I put a TON of miles on it and neglected the heck out of it. I think I put 240k on it. Front wheel bearings I remember replacing 2 or 3 times.

2001HondaCivic says:

My grandpa has one of these and it has been the most reliable vehicle ever

Emmanuel hernandez says:

how many times are you going to quit?

Roscoe ElCocko says:

I have an 05 LX 4 door sedan. 5 speed manual. 196,XXX miles. Bought it 4 years ago with 141,XXX miles for $2300.

Jer Tres says:

A bonus question, is there a way to get a Honda hybrid Jazz in the USA? Used to have a Fit till I fell asleep and totaled it. Seems like Honda and Toyota are stopping selling small economical cars here. What do you think of the lowest cost Mazda’s?

Deodial Guiadeen says:

My 2009 Honda Civic just hit 250000 miles.

Eduardo Caballero says:

Scotty just say the civic is better then the Camry and we good.

robert j midura says:

Hey Scotty I’m 17, almost 18, and I am looking to buy my first car. My dad is a mechanic for Honda and would help me through the process by checking it out and so on. I am really interested in a Honda Civic Sedan either new or used to take to college, what are your thoughts?

Marduk Ent. says:

No it's not Toyota 94 celica

Joseph Smith-KI7QKN says:

I had to do head gasket on mine around 231k. The torque converter is also a little worn not much.

Mike Sharp says:

I had a 2005 civic ex with 180,000 miles for my first car. It had nothing but problems overheating I took it to a mechanic and they said it needed an oxygen sensor but that didn’t fix it so I took it to a different mechanic and they said needs a new engine so I got a new engine and guess what same problem I sold it for $350 a month later

Edward Anthony says:

18k new? Could chop that into 4-5 good cars.

Roy Mendez. says:

Watching this in the 2005 civic manual lol. Scotty couldn't be more spot on. 7 years with this car and it has never let me down. Fun, reliable and yes, very zippy!

Walter Prattjr says:

I have a 2004 toyota carolla, I have 110,000 what kind of gas mileage am I supposed to be getting

CannibalCowboy51 says:

I have an LX 05, and bought it 13 years ago. I've beat the hell out of it and works like the day I got it.


Scotty, I want to know if ticking noise somewhat like a lifters sound is ticking on my 2004 Chevy Colorado LS that normal!! It's on the driver's side!

Zack B says:

My second car

Colt Seavers says:

You are wrong about these cheap crappy mid 90's Honda cars. I had a 95 Honda Accord coupe EX with 60k miles and was pampered by a woman in it's 1st life. I took over and the Transmission FAILED shortly afterwards and had to be replaced. Shortly after that, the friggin transmission need new seals. The crappy foreign cars you seem to praise only last a long time if pampered life a Rolls Royce. NOTHING beats an American car dude. Sorry to burst your bubble. LOL!

Joe says:

I owned a 5th gen 1993 Honda Civic SI hatchback. Bought it new and drove it for around 16 years and I drive very aggressively. It finally started to smoke after 250k and the gaskets were gone and I decide to get rid of it. If I'd been a little bit more responsible and caught it earlier I could have saved it and in hindsight, it was almost worth it to throw another engine in there and keep that thing because the car itself was beautiful. Double Wishbone suspension, 4 wheel disc, snappy as hell in the corners. extremely fun to drive and very dependable on all other counts. Had to get some transmission work done, but as I say I was extremely hard on the poor thing. I spent a lot of time in the higher RPMs if you know what I mean. Yep. Hindsight is 20-20 but I wish I'd kept that little baby and giving it another motor. It would still be running today in 2020

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