How to troubleshoot a no crank problem (94 Toyota Celica)

How to troubleshoot a no crank problem (94 Toyota Celica)

In this video I am teaching my son how to troubleshoot a no crank (starting system) problem on his 1994 Toyota Celica. The steps shown in this video can be applied to any no crank problem. It will help you determine whether or not you have a battery, wiring or starter problem.

Tools used in this video:

uActivate from AESwave

Power Probe IV

Modis Ultra (Snap-on)

Mitchell1DIY wiring diagrams

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ScannerDanner says:

Wow, thank you all so much for your encouragement to my son, and your comments about me as a father. I am so far from perfect, but I know that God is not done with me yet.
I had no idea this would be so well accepted. I actually hesitated uploading it because of its length but now I'm glad I did.
So I'm writing to all of you to let you know that I've read each and every comment and am having trouble replying to everyone so I wanted you all to know how much you've made my day. Thank you all so much for being a part of this channel and supporting my family.

Ray says:

After the 18minute mark check the starter solenoid connections – if need be short the terminals to eliminate the solenoid and start the car

Johnny Sokko says:

Another excellent video. You have mucho patience. I especially enjoy the strategizing regarding the troubleshooting. I used to be a notorious "parts changer" but am getting a lot better.

Stephen Mandracchia says:

Great to see you working with your son.

Kevin Campbell says:

Ever notice it always comes out of Dad's pocket! LOL

corndog77511 says:

Panamanian plates I see there? I am guessing it was previously owned by a military person. Great video.

Johnny Draco says:

I understand that you go thru all of those diagnostic steps to teach people in your school or the net. But in my opinion I would have tested the battery and if the battery was OK then I would remove the starter and bench tested it first.
Then I would show the diagnostic steps to take if the starter was bad.

Bert Cochran says:

Had a smiler cituation, sorry but the spelling, discovered pump in auto transport had locked up.

Tyler Sparks says:

Scanner danner is there a email or anything I can get a hold of you at ?? I nees your wiadom bro !!

Tyler Sparks says:

The bond between you guys are great much love and respect im about to buy a 93 gt celica with no start no crank hoping I can get it together thanks for the video says:

Great video

Andrew Johnson says:

Just bang the starter with a huge hammer and it will fix it (temporarily).

Christopher Read says:

Had a delco reny 30 MT do the same thing on a western star truck just finished servicing it took it out of the shed to clean up got in to go and grab a trailer and it was dead in the driveway to the workshop. Displaying very similar symptoms. Not shure what the current was though as i didnt have a clamp meter but judging by the fact it pulled 4 fully charged N70 batteries down to 7.5 or 8 volts i say it was pretty high

foreverwood1963 says:

LOL Scanner Danner Jr. I love the son, dad bonding. Another good job

Mechanic for your car and truck Redlinetowing says:

Awesome!!!! Video not only learned also teach a good lesson Family firs. I never met a person so smart like scannerdaner

Trường Nguyễn says:

By teaching an amatuer it is a really good way to teach amatuer viewers like me. I love the first half of this video because you use very simple way to look for problem which any car user can learn to do, but the last half is difficult as you use more complicated tools as well as the camera did not show clearly where you are working around the starter. Anyway thanks for teaching

Mijajlo Golubović says:

I got same toyota,but I need front seat for my car.

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